Wednesday, April 30, 2008

6 Weeks...

Well this is it, Wednesday, April 30th! Where has time gone? I go back to work tomorrow. Most people have laughed at me when I say I "get" to go back to work tomorrow.

If you have ever read a parenting message board you know that there are lots of emotions tied to being a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) and a working mom. I am very blessed to be a working mother. That is what is best for me. I can't imagine staying at home with the children all day. Not that I wouldn't like to. I just can't handle it. If you have never tried being a sahm, it is seriously the hardest job anyone can ever taken on. I am so thankful that Emily loves being a sahm giving me the option to work. It is a blessing.

I wonder how it is going to be. Did I forget everything I need to know to function at work? And to intensify matters my co-worker will be off. I am being thrown in feet first, I know what to do but haven't done it in 6 weeks! I hope it will just all come back to me within say the first 10 minutes.

Then the matter of breastfeeding. I never thought I would continue to breastfeed. I couldn't handle it with J. The boy just ate so much. With S though it has not been so bad (after that first two weeks of course). Now I have to adjust to being at work and pumping. I am hoping to make it to my goal of three months. I first set the goal of one month, then I couldn't bring myself to stop. Though with formula she would sleep longer at night (which would be nice). I am hoping at three months that I can't stop and continue to 6 months. If I make it that long I will be happy.

In other family news: J is going to move up in class at gymnastics. The next level is a boys class. He has been in the mommy and me class, kids level 1 and kids level 2. Now he is going to be in a boys class!?! J is surrounded by estrogen. Three girl cousins, his preschool class is all girls and his gymnastics class is all girls. His only escape is soccer but he doesn't really like the contact of soccer. I can't wait for him to be around more boys! It should be exciting when he starts, probably the beginning of summer.

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