Friday, April 11, 2008

Three Weeks and Noses!!!

Well we have now made it to three weeks! It still does not seem real sometimes. We took S to get pictures taken yesterday. They really know how to make you spend money at portrait studios! All of the pictures were just so cute that I *had* to get them.

Ok, now to noses.

I like noses, they are very functional. There used to be only one time that I didn't like noses, when it was stuffy. Now I have two times, when milk comes out of the nose. I generally do not like fluids coming from bodies. (Yes, I don't really like the even the fluids of my children.) But S has had milk come out of her nose a couple of times since she was born. I even asked the doctor about it and apparently it IS normal. I just really don't like it though. Why can't it just come out of her mouth? J didn't have milk come out his nose, that I remember. I hope this stages goes by quickly!

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