Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Growing Like a Weed; A Very Small, Skinny Weed...

Today our girl is TWO MONTHS OLD!

Oh how times fly... It seemed like just last night I was up with her at 3:30 am, oh wait, I was. Anyhow, S had her two month doctors appointment today and you know what that means - Shots!

I never wanted to be a doctor, nurse or anything in the medical profession. (Yes, I did take an EMT class but that was more to just be near Scott than actually wanting to be an EMT.) When I took her in today I knew that Scott was at work and I would have to be there for the shots. The only thing on my mind was J's 4 year appointment. 5 shots. I remember how he wanted to be brave and didn't cry until after the 3rd shot. I would have cried before the first shot. So I prepared myself for her shots today. I didn't do so bad. I didn't cry, physically. I wanted to but held it together. S on the other hand, screamed. My precious little girl who has cried just a little bit her entire life was mad. Her eyebrows came down to a point (well since she doesn't have eyebrows yet it was more just the skin) and her mouth came open. It is easy to tell when a baby is mad, their tongues quiver. So I am trying to comfort her by talking to her, yea like that is going to ease the pain, but that doesn't help. Then these two tiny little tears come out of her eyes. S hasn't had many tears so far. J had tears in the hospital. So these two little tears broke my heart. When the nurse was finished I picked her up. I held her close trying to make it ok but I just felt so bad. She is a trooper though. After I picked her up she calmed down in two minutes.

I guess that is one of the "joys" of parenthood. You know they need the vaccines to be healthy but man is it hard seeing them in pain.

So here are her stats:

Birth: 8lbs 3 oz / 18 inches long
Two Weeks: 8 lbs 6 oz / 21.5 inches long
One Month: 10 lbs 3 oz / (no height since it wasn't a well baby visit)
Two Months: 10 lbs 15 oz / 22 3/4 inches long...

The funny thing is that J was born at 22 1/2 inches / 9 lbs 3.5 oz. But her doctor assures me that she is perfect for a little girl and J is just a big boy.

Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next. ~Franklin P. Jones

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Sandy said...

I can see Sophia's growth since birth and I had a wonderful time with her at church Wednesday evening. She smiled, not only with her mouth but her eyes too, made some cooing noises and just about laughed out loud a couple of times. Scott told me she liked to sit up, but I was surprised that she really does like to sit up and see what is going on.
And I remember too how big Jackson was and how he loved to eat. He is growing too, getting taller. And he is so smart. I just love to talk with him.