Friday, May 23, 2008

J: The Boy!

Today I want tell the story of J: The Boy...

Boys like superheroes. It is ingrained in their minds from birth, like getting dirty, it is just there. J and Natalie (cousin) have always played together. They are growing up together and it is magical. One day while I was at work last year Emily told me about J and Natalie's magic. You see, they were all out in the backyard playing. J and Nat were playing on the slide when she overhears Natalie calling "Help me, Help me!". So my boy proudly proclaims, "J The Boy to the rescue!"That day J: The Boy was born. That is J's superhero name. Ever since whenever we pretend played J is always "J The Boy".

It isn't until now that he really is going to be J, the boy. It is amazing how it is a completely different phrase now that he is growing up.

It is amazing watching children grow. I often wonder what kind of teen and grownup he will be. I hope that he keeps a little bit of J: The Boy with him.

So for now I will just keep splashing in rain puddles, dig up buried treasure in the backyard, go for long walks in near the creek and tie a bath towel cape around his neck to make sure J: The Boy lives for a long time.

"We've had bad luck with children; they've all grown up." ~ Christopher Morley

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Grandmother said...

Jack, the Boy, is so cool and so much fun. What a wonderful imagination he has also. Both him and Sophia were a hit at my office on Wednesday afternoon. Sophia just smiled at everyone.