Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and Vienna Sausages...

This weekend my family celebrated Mother's Day. We had a party at our house on Saturday with my parents, Scott's parents, Scott's Aunt/Uncle and Emily/Craig and my beautiful nieces. It was a wonderful party. The men were outside with the BBQ and the kids were playing outside. All the mom's got to visit together. I love my family.

On Saturday when we got home from soccer J walked in the kitchen and asked Scott where the flowers were. My sweet boy! So I went into the playroom while they got everything together. (We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday because Scott had to work Sunday) When they got everything set up, J came to get me. I closed my eyes and he walked me into the kitchen. I was surprise with some hair clips, flowers to plant, a dill plant, chocolate and Vienna sausage. Yes that is right, Vienna sausage. I do like them but never thought I would get them for a present. But you see, J loves them. He told Scott at the store that he wanted to get mommy some of his "little wienies". Scott, being the amazing father he is, didn't try to talk him out of it and told him that was a great idea. That little boy was so proud of giving me one of his favorite things.

I really think that is what Mother's day is about. Celebrating the sweetness that you are blessed with when you have children. It would have been easy for Scott to have tried to get J to pick out something else but that is what he wanted to get me. I am so proud to be his mom! Especially when I sat down to eat the Reece's I received and Jack told me how good those were. I had to see if he would help me eat them.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to read the story behind the Vienna Sausages. You had said that you had received them for Mother's Day, but I never heard the story. Jack is pretty amazing and I am glad that Scott did not try to talk him out of it - traits of a good dad. But I'm not partial! It is those times that we remember most.

Janette said...

I love this story!! It is so cute and sweet! Just in case you didn't know this, Kristy, you're a really talented writer. :)