Thursday, June 26, 2008

Older, Wiser, Greener...

I have been thinking lately about how we are raising our children. Not about discipline or values. Physically what we are doing to raise our children.

"Going Green" "Being Enviormentally Responsible" "Choosing Wise"

You get the picture. Scott and I decided to make major (at least to us) changes somewhere in the middle of my pregnancy with S. We ate alright to begin with. We always had veggies and fruit and drank milk. We wanted to go a step further. Mostly we wanted the benefit to be for the kids but since it would benefit us as well, why not.

My first big step was reusable shopping bags. Yes I am one of those people who brings her own bags almost everywhere I go. (I do still forget sometimes after a big shopping trip) It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. At first I was scared about asking the cashier to use my bags. Some cashiers looked upset that I would even think such a thing. Then the cashier at Kroger gave me my .05c discount for using my own bags. I don't know why that made me feel better. It was a sort of validation for doing the right thing.

So from there we moved on to organic milk. I was on the fence about this for a long time. Is organic milk a rip off or is it really better? Isn't all milk organic? Well the answer that I believe is no, all milk isn't organic because all cows are not treated the same. So we changed to organic milk. And fresh veggies. Can you believe that most of the time (75% at least) it is cheaper to buy fresh green beans than it is to buy canned? Yes I checked this out! Per oz it can be very inexpensive. Now I have not ventured yet to the organic green beans. Baby Steps, Baby steps.

Red dye 40. Oh, the red headed step child of all artificial dyes, literally. Emily is the one who really turned me on to this. After research of it's ban in Eurpoean countries we have decided to stear clear of this. Now I am not saying all together, becuase J loves those fruit snacks. But we have made a effort to not buy products with Red Dye 40. That includes certain MEDICINE! I couldn't believe it was even in our medicine!

Bottles... I am still nursing S but while she is away she must use bottles! Playtex Drop in bottles are my favorite! I find they are easy and clean up is a snap. She doesn't hve much gas. And I used them exclusively for J and he turned out fine!

But for S I knew we needed some regular bottles for if we run out of liners. You never know! So I got Avent bottles. After a couple of months of research I took them back to Babies R Us. I couldn't do it! I couldn't knowingly give my baby food out of a bottle that is known to be unsafe. Yes it "could" be just fine but I am not gambling with my babies life! So I have decided on Dr. Browns BPA free bottles, Evenflo's little bottles for water and bmilk storage. And Born Free bottles. I really like the style of the born free bottles but MAN are they EXPENSIVE! I mean to me, not a rich person, spending around $9 per bottle is crazy. But I found myself buying them today! And I am so proud I did!

Baby steps at being responsible and hoping I am doing everthing I can for my children.

So I will quote S's cute organice cotton onsie, Green (even a little green) is the new Black!!!!

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