Thursday, August 14, 2008

A really great day...

Today is my birthday. I had a great day! J always wakes up first. I am sure we should get up on a schedule but since it is summer, we are just all sleeping in. Why not? So, J comes into our room and climbs into bed. This is our morning ritual. Every morning this is what is done. I love it! It is our snuggle time. The time we talk about all the things I missed while I was at work. The time he tells me what he dreamed about. Also even the time we tell each other silly stories.

So this morning J comes in with a sneaky grin on his face. (This usually isn't a good sign) He jumps into bed pushing me into the middle and says "Happy Birthday Momma!" My heart just melts. He then says, "I love you so much." So I get up to start the day when he brings me a piece of paper. It was a menu for breakfast. I thought Scott was still sleeping but apparently I live with TWO sneaky men.

So I sat on my bed with J and we picked out what to eat for breakfast. I was going to stay upstairs and wait for S to wake up but J wanted me to go downstairs with him. He wanted to be with me but also wanted to help Daddy cook breakfast. What can you do? So I just turned up the monitor downstairs. I am glad I came down though since S didn't wake up until we finished breakfast!

When I get downstairs my guys had flowers on the table and a wonderful card waiting for me with a present. My card was handmade (the absolute best kind) and on the back had my childrens trademark first signatures, the outline of their hands. Scott had remembered what I do for other peoples cards. J did sign his name though and drew me a beautiful picture on it.

Now my plan for the rest of the day, well before work at least, was to just clean up the garage. I know that doesn't sound very birthday-ish but I wanted to time to just sit down and go through the collection of things that Scott and I have. It is a lot of stuff. Stuff from college, high school and all of the kids lives.

J tells me as he is clearing the table, "I am going to help Daddy cook when all the people come today."

me: All the people?
J: For your birthday party momma!
me: oh.... (picks up the phone to call nana and Emily)

My mom, who is wonderful, gets some party hot dogs and cake. So we had a wonderful party with my favorite people. I did get to clean a little in the garage too!

Does life get any better than being surrounded by people who love you? I don't see how!

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Grandmother said...

This is such precious time with our children and for me my grandchildren -- watching them grow up, developing their own unique personalities and social skills too! What a joy!!