Saturday, August 9, 2008

Where did the US make a wrong turn?

Maybe it is just me or did the United States take some kind of wrong turn? I am beginning to think it was late 80's or early 90's. Then sometime in the very early 2000's we just slid down a slippery slope.

Where have morals gone? Recently, John Edwards admitted to having an affair. Not that much can get worse than that, he had an affair when his wife was battling terminal breast cancer! I love television and print news. I do not believe it wholeheartedly though. Why, you ask? No matter what you can not make news unbiased. It is almost impossible. Reporters will, without knowing, emphasize certain words or raise an eyebrow. These suttle interapersonal communcations can make influence a viewer. Today while watching "the news" (I will refrain from saying which one for obvious reasons) a reporter said that he had an extramartial affair. This reporter emphasized "while" and "terminal". To me it sounded like it was an excuse for his affair.

I am sorry but you don't slip and have an affair. Whoops, I just accidently lost my clothing and fell into bed with so and so. No, that just doesn't happen. Another excuse that really gets under my skin is "it was the heat of the moment"! Um, yea so in that "heat of the moment" you still would have to take your clothes off, did your brain stop working whilst you were unbuttoning?

When did this behavior become permissable? Do people really believe that Desperate Housewives is real life? And for the people who live like Desperate Housewives is real, is your life good? Do you care if you hurt people? John Edwards apparently doesn't. He stated in an interview that he and his wife were not getting a divorce and of course they would make it. Again, it is not a bill you forgot to pay. I understand that the Edwards' have faith but does that give him permission to be smug in answering questions to the nation he wanted to lead?

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