Sunday, November 30, 2008

Still driving

Well the title says it all. Post more later

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vacation, Snow and sleepy babies...

We are still on semi vacation/Thanksgiving break. J loves the snow. He fell alseep on the way and then woke up in the mountains. Then it scared him. He said he was afraid of the mountains. Which by the way you can just not be in the mountains. Then it came out why, he said what if they are not mountains but volcanos. So I got explain to an already upset boy that they are NOT volcanos.

Well, it is late and S is being spoiled by the fact that I won't let her scream it out in her playpen while in a hotel room. I just can not be one of those parents who let them scream it out. So maybe I'll get some sleep, maybe she will end up between J and I on the bed.

Tomorrow, the adventures of a 14 hour car ride with a pre-schooler and an infant! WooHoo? Tears? Well I know it will at least be an adventure!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Let it Snow...

I am sitting here in Colorado, technically Englewood, south of Denver. It is snowing outside. J LOVED it! He thought it was so cool! I love watching him be so excited about things like this. As innocent as a young boy watching the magic of snow falling. I can imagine what this does to his imagination. I hope that we can give him as much of these magical experiences as we can give him.

S! I love that crazy girl. Slept during take off, slept during the landing. Then the sqirmy wormy want to just be very wiggly. Then she wanted J's drink. So it was fun trying to wrangle the little missy. But she only cried twice for maybe 4 seconds. She did excellent! I am a proud momma for having two excellent travelers.

J...J...J... He played his leapfrog for a little while. Then he had his sprite. Then he put his blanket over him and fell asleep. He didn't even need any help from me. A great kid!

I hope they sleep well. Tomorrow we will have a fun day of family and mountains.

I heart Colorado.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.

Well today was a nice Thanksgiving.

The food was good, the family was good. Work is nice and slow!

We had all of the family come over today. Yes it was 25 family members all in our little house. What I wouldn't give for another 1000 sq ft. But it was nice to have all the children playing and laughing. I am pretty sure that 3 month old Vivian is just about the same size as my teeny 8 month old, S. They are pretty much in the same size clothes.

Right now I am sitting at work waiting for 11:00 to go home and get ready for tomorrow. I don't know if I have blocked it out or am just so excited but tomorrow is going to be tough! To save money we are going to the airport REALLY early (since Scott has to go to work we will be there 3 full hours before our flight). Though I know we have someone looking out for us because our terminal is RIGHT beside a little play area!

I am ready for a little relaxation and hope that I get some. I hope S sleeps well in Denver. I hope that J sees the mountains the way I do.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

Time line of the next few hours:

Leave work at 11:00 pm
Finish cleaning the house until whenever...
Sweet Potatoes

Clean up whatever this kids mess up during that time.

Lunch at around 11:00 am

Leave for work at 2:30 pm

Work until 11:00 pm

Go home get some sleep

Get up at 5:00 am to get ready for the airport

Get to the airport by 6 ish.

Wait until the flight and relax in Colorado.

What was I thinking?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why can't my mind seem to focus?

I know that a lot has gone in the past week or two but I can't focus. I don't know what it is. I know all the things that I need to get done but they just jumble around in my brain.

I used to be able to make precise lists and these thoughts did not need to be in my brain. They were right there in my notebooks. My "thanksgiving resolution" is to get my notebook back. To keep writing my thoughts down so I do not have to keep thinking them in my head. It is time to calm the jumble down.

First hurdle to get over, Thanksgiving lunch. Not so hard only time consuming.

Next hurdle is to have fun in Denver. Now that isn't going to be hard. I am pretty sure S will be great. J, I just have almost stopped worrying about. (Not that I don't worry about him but he's got this traveling thing down.)

Then Christmas, but I will have my notebook!

Monday, November 24, 2008

T Minus, Two days!

Carpets Cleaned = check
Crawly 8 month old = check

Thanksgiving food purchased = check
list of thanksgiving food I forgot = check check

tired and ready for bed = priceless!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quick little post...

Oh how I like my phone! But I am too tired to go into detail...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy iPhone Day!

Yes, that is right today is my iphone day! Since I refused to pay the extra 200 to upgrade early I had to wait. And wait. And wait. And wait just a little longer! But alas, by george I've got it!

So in honor of iPhone day! I going to celebrate! WooHoo!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Season vs Off Season

Nope, not talking football, baseball, basketball, hockey, cricket, lacrosse (sorry Scott), rugby or ping pong... I am talking television...

Just in case you did not know television does have a season and off season. While I am sitting here at work enjoying the variety or programming, I wonder how much television do I watch in a week? So let's add up:

TV Season

Work 40 hours of tv a week

(now if we want to get technical we run three station simultaneously. Does that count as more tv?)

5 hours of Gilmore Girls (don't knock me, I love my Stars Hollow!)

1 Hour of Numb3rs

1 Hour of Grey's Anatomy (until it jumps that infamous shark)

1 Hour of Brothers and Sisters (love me some Walkers!)

2 Hours of various Food Network progamming (Ace of Cakes, Throwdown, Iron Chef)

1 Hour of LOST!!!!!

= 51 long hours of Television a week! Thank goodness for my DVR!


Television Off Season

40 hours at work (news, oldies, CW)

5 hours Gilmore Girls (thank goodness for reruns)

1 hour Burn Notice

1 hour Pysch

1 hour Army Wives

1 hour Food Network

= 49 hours of television in the off season!

You know if I didn't already get paid for it I would say I should go pro!

I wonder how old I will be when all this tv starts to rot my brain?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Have I mentioned how much I like watching Supernatural? It is very good!

And S is 8 months old today, she is growing too fast!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


35 days until Christmas

22 days until my boy turns 5!

9 days until I get to fly alone with two kids (yikes!)

8 days until Thanksgiving

3 days until I *should* be able to get an iPhone!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To do list dwindling...

Today Scott and I were able to cross one thing off our to do list... Cut the front bushes: Done.

What is next?

Clean garage (When I have no idea)

Rent a steam cleaner for the carpet

try to pack away things for a major garage sale in the spring.

Get ready to decorate for Christmas

Cut trees that are touching the roof (Scott will probably need help for that!)

Put up Christmas lights on house.

Find a ladder that we can use so Scott won't fall of the roof whilst putting Christmas lights on house...

I have also started planning J's birthday party! Holy Exciting Party Batman! Yep, year number 5 is a Batman party! Complete with a bat cave, bat food, Batman cake, capes and masks. I think by the end of it I will be Bat-ted out!

Monday, November 17, 2008


From Janettes blog: I now have to post the fourth picture in the fourth album on my computer...

Lets see what we have...

This is a picture of J last year, he was 3, in October at his friend Phoenix birthday party. She had a tea party so I dressed him accordingly... Here is another picture just to show what he looked like before he had his raspberry tea and cupcake...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Well it really isn't "looking" like Christmas but is feels like Texas Christmas!

I am pondering if it is too early to put up Christmas decorations? I wonder how Scott will put lights on the house? We have one side that is extremely tall and the roof comes to a steep drop off.

This week I have many things to do. So I might as well make a checklist right here and maybe I will remember everything...

Clean house for Thanksgiving... (More like put everything were it is suppose to live)

Clean out my Harry Potter closet (Closet under the stairs) to store things I don't want other children to play with during Holidays...

Make a shopping list for Thanksgiving...

Prepare for J's birthday (oh my he is going to be 5!)

Start buying Christmas presents...

Seriously clean out J's toys...

Make the garage look better than it does...

Trim trees on side of the house...

So the list isn't too bad, let's see if I can actually get it all done! And by I, I really do mean Scott. Oh the joys of being married :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

When two people should get their stories straight...

So Emily and I each told our respective children about Pa's death. I told J, she told N and I....

Conversation last night between J and N:

N: Pa went to heaven.

J: I know my mamma told me Pa died.

N to Emily: Pa DIED??????????

Emily (probably while thinking of choice words to have with me later): Yes, N Pa died and went to heaven to be with Jesus...

Nat: Ok.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Children are Smarter than Adults...

Today Em and Craig had to tell N that Pa died. To be honest, I was terrified of this. N adores Pa. He was an extraordinary grandfather. He was there for his grand babies for all of their lives. (He even was there for my J on almost all of J's birthdays!) It is heartbreaking for any parent trying to figure out how to tell your child that their beloved grandfather is dead.

Does she even really understand what dead is?

Well the answer to that is YES! She understands what death is better than I DO!

For a summary, they told her that Pa had died and gone to heaven to be with God. She asked some normal questions, will she see him again? can he write her letters? can she talk to him? can she write him letters? ...No, No, Of Course, Absolutely!

I can imagine so vividly what happened next. No, I was not there but it feels like to me that I was there. I can see it clearly in my head.

Em was crying. N asked her why she was crying? Em said because she was sad that Pa went to Heaven. N said why, Pa is with God now so everything is ok.

And N is absolutely, positively correct. I loved Pa, I was not at all as close to Pa as Em and Craig were. They were blood family but in our family, he was my family too! That is what I love about my family.

So. Now is the time to be sad and to mourn. BUT it is also the time to celebrate the life of Tom Johnson. The extraordinary life that he has been able to lead! The wonderful son that he had that has made my sister so happy. The beautiful, gorgeous, extraordinary, brilliant, silly, sneaky, outgoing, interesting, sweet and sassy granddaughters that each posses a part of him.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Business as usual...

Today was back to business as usual. It always is easier going back to work after time off. But so far 11pm feels so late.

Over this last vacation I learned some things about my little family. S is not J.

Example: Sleep

J can fall asleep anywhere. He has fallen asleep sitting in a chair at Fisherman's Wharf in Galveston. He has fallen asleep on numerous airplane trips. He can fall asleep in a car, metro, stroller, couch, bed or floor. It does not matter where that boy is he can sleep and sleep happy.

S?! That girl is picky! As a newborn we let her sleep in the bassinet part of the playpen in our room. She would sleep in her swing, bouncy seat or downstairs playpen. Now she loves her bed! I get that. I love my bed. No other bed I have found can rival mine. Though if there was a job where I could just sleep testing beds I might just take it. We brought the same playpen that she slept in for FOUR months of her life for her to sleep in. And did she sleep? NO! Almost everytime we placed that little head on the bottom she screamed.

Does she have a sensor on the bed that lets her know that is where we put her? I think she might. I also think she has some sort of sensor on my bed, whenever my head his the pillow she makes a noise. For that matter she also has some of the magic sensors in my food, on my couch and somehow embedded in the DVR to only my favorite shows.

I love her but she did not want to sleep in her playpen. Ok. So we put in on the air mattress with us. Nope, not good enough for her! She slept ok but not normal. The only place she really liked sleeping on the vacation was either in her car seat or in my arms.

So as you can imagine, I was comfortable!

Though I also learned some other interesting facts about my little family.

J loves to entertain himself and who ever else wants to listen or is just in the vicinity
to listen. We drove from Montgomery County to the coast of Delaware (I wanted to see the Atlantic but that is a different post) That boy can keep himself entertained. I don't know how many times I heard him sing his little songs. And I did not get tired of it, so you know I am his momma! He sang Hallelujah, Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, RED red, the Madagascar song-Move it (which is great because it is only 5 words repeated over and over) songs from school and children's church. Then he would play with his toys that he picked out for this trip. Never once did he complain about what he had to play with. He hung Superman and Spiderman from the airvents in the car (Batman was MIA on this trip). Played with his 10 legos. And read his Lego magazine. Never complained once!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick Update...

Don't feel well. Runny Nose. Tired. Have to fly home tomorrow.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Today we went to visit the Atlantic Ocean via Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Since it googled a 3 hour drive, we figured it would be less than that. It was only about 2.15 to 2.30 and we stopped along the way.

So I finally got to see and touch the Atlantic Ocean. I have not ever had the opportunity to do this before so I jumped at the chance. It really wondered what J would think. He has been to Galveston so many times it is normal. I think he could tell a difference. He wanted to stay and play on the beach.

We let him touch the water and of course it got all over his shoes and pants but that was ok. We had a great time. I will post pictures when we get back.

It was funny how so many shops and restaurants were "closed for the season". I figured gift shops would but there was a Subway that was closed also.

So now our state totals are: Jack= 14, Mommy= 17, Daddy= too many, he'll have to count later, S = 4 (pretty good for an 8 month old)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Still on vacation. Quick post to say that we are having a nice time with family and the fall.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Info on Children...


When you have children, you are on vacation and your child says their tummy hurts... YOU TRY TO FIX THE PROBLEM. 

Because if you don't you will go to the Zoo and have some lunch. Then when you get home and they eat dinner they may still have tummy aches. Yes, not pretty at all. He doesn't feel sick but just said his tummy hurt. I guess we will be seeing our doc when we get home! 

And being only the 4th time in his LIFE that I have had to deal with this... I still don't like it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I am on vacation for a little while. I am enjoying Fall with the family. No, not fall in Texas but fall in Maryland! I will hopefully update some pics later! 

Though I will keep with my 30 posts!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Work Ethic?

Why is it that some people seem to not have a work ethic?

Seriously left us with so much work to do because why? I don't know. And now at 11 pm we are having to stay late to try and fix their problems! Argh!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

Today I have watched a lot of election coverage.

My thoughts...

Why would you concede before all states have reported? I know that Sen. McCain lost but he had a responsibility to his voters not to concede until all states had reported. That is my opinion but come on. It seems like a slap in the face.

Monday, November 3, 2008

What else can someone blog about on Nov. 3 of an election year?

Anything other than politics!

Well. I can't. Sorry. Though this question is not going to be focused fully on our upcoming election.

How do you teach your children how to vote? I know that you can take them to the polls. Show them what button to press. Hopefully by the time your children vote they understand that already.

What I am talking about is how to you teach your child to vote from their heart to what they believe is right. I know a lot of people who teach their children to vote the way they do. My parents did not do this. They taught me to vote for the candidate that I believe is the right candidate. And usually that vote goes against their normal vote. They make fun of me but hardly ever tell me that I am wrong for voting for who I believe in. So why do some people not teach their children to make choices? Why does it seem they say, "This is what we (the family) believes in!"

I do not want to tell my children who to vote for. (They both are far off from voting) I want them to make an educated choice on their own. If, by the time they are 18, they can not make an educated choice should they be allowed to vote? Should there be a test?

It is kind of like the test you must take to become a citizen. Why is it that all American's don't have to take this test before they are allowed to vote?

So my hopes for the future? Children who grow up to be responsible adults. Not selfish grown-up children who do not know how to tie their own $150 shoe laces without help. Young adults who have parents ready to throw them out in to the world (hopefully college/university) instead of trying to protect them well into their early 20's. Now I want to protect my babies for as long I as possibly can but will I know when it is too much?

My parents had a huge stack of transfer applications sitting on my bed when I came home from college for Christmas break. As annoyed by it as I was. I still was not told or forced to change schools from my choice. I am glad never transferred. Just thinking of what might have changed it I had!

Well maybe I am just babbling. Until tomorrow.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So much for an interesting post today. I just plain feel sick.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So yesterday was Halloween. I love Halloween. I love my career. I do NOT love when I have to miss Halloween because of my job. (Note I said job there!) I know that I have a great job that I love but it is tough missing holidays.

So I planned a small party since my family comes over to help with kids, trick or treating and handing out candy. We had breadstick bones, punch, pizza and mummy toes. I wish I could have been there. But to not feel bad a dwell. J was batman. S was catwoman.

At J's preschool they were able to dress up in the morning. The theme was 'what I am going to be when I grow up'. Here is the conversation trying to pick out something.

Mom: J, what do you want to be when you grow up?

J: Batman

M: Well you know that batman is not real, just a comic and tv character.

J: Yes. I know he is pretend.

M: Ok. What do you want to be when you grow up?

J: Batman

M: (puzzled look, I though he understood)

J: No, batman when he is in regular clothes. He makes lots of money.

M: Points for creativity but you can not be Bruce Wayne when you grow up.

J: Ok. I want to be a super secret spy!