Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Business as usual...

Today was back to business as usual. It always is easier going back to work after time off. But so far 11pm feels so late.

Over this last vacation I learned some things about my little family. S is not J.

Example: Sleep

J can fall asleep anywhere. He has fallen asleep sitting in a chair at Fisherman's Wharf in Galveston. He has fallen asleep on numerous airplane trips. He can fall asleep in a car, metro, stroller, couch, bed or floor. It does not matter where that boy is he can sleep and sleep happy.

S?! That girl is picky! As a newborn we let her sleep in the bassinet part of the playpen in our room. She would sleep in her swing, bouncy seat or downstairs playpen. Now she loves her bed! I get that. I love my bed. No other bed I have found can rival mine. Though if there was a job where I could just sleep testing beds I might just take it. We brought the same playpen that she slept in for FOUR months of her life for her to sleep in. And did she sleep? NO! Almost everytime we placed that little head on the bottom she screamed.

Does she have a sensor on the bed that lets her know that is where we put her? I think she might. I also think she has some sort of sensor on my bed, whenever my head his the pillow she makes a noise. For that matter she also has some of the magic sensors in my food, on my couch and somehow embedded in the DVR to only my favorite shows.

I love her but she did not want to sleep in her playpen. Ok. So we put in on the air mattress with us. Nope, not good enough for her! She slept ok but not normal. The only place she really liked sleeping on the vacation was either in her car seat or in my arms.

So as you can imagine, I was comfortable!

Though I also learned some other interesting facts about my little family.

J loves to entertain himself and who ever else wants to listen or is just in the vicinity
to listen. We drove from Montgomery County to the coast of Delaware (I wanted to see the Atlantic but that is a different post) That boy can keep himself entertained. I don't know how many times I heard him sing his little songs. And I did not get tired of it, so you know I am his momma! He sang Hallelujah, Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, RED red, the Madagascar song-Move it (which is great because it is only 5 words repeated over and over) songs from school and children's church. Then he would play with his toys that he picked out for this trip. Never once did he complain about what he had to play with. He hung Superman and Spiderman from the airvents in the car (Batman was MIA on this trip). Played with his 10 legos. And read his Lego magazine. Never complained once!

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