Friday, November 28, 2008

Let it Snow...

I am sitting here in Colorado, technically Englewood, south of Denver. It is snowing outside. J LOVED it! He thought it was so cool! I love watching him be so excited about things like this. As innocent as a young boy watching the magic of snow falling. I can imagine what this does to his imagination. I hope that we can give him as much of these magical experiences as we can give him.

S! I love that crazy girl. Slept during take off, slept during the landing. Then the sqirmy wormy want to just be very wiggly. Then she wanted J's drink. So it was fun trying to wrangle the little missy. But she only cried twice for maybe 4 seconds. She did excellent! I am a proud momma for having two excellent travelers.

J...J...J... He played his leapfrog for a little while. Then he had his sprite. Then he put his blanket over him and fell asleep. He didn't even need any help from me. A great kid!

I hope they sleep well. Tomorrow we will have a fun day of family and mountains.

I heart Colorado.

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