Friday, November 21, 2008

Season vs Off Season

Nope, not talking football, baseball, basketball, hockey, cricket, lacrosse (sorry Scott), rugby or ping pong... I am talking television...

Just in case you did not know television does have a season and off season. While I am sitting here at work enjoying the variety or programming, I wonder how much television do I watch in a week? So let's add up:

TV Season

Work 40 hours of tv a week

(now if we want to get technical we run three station simultaneously. Does that count as more tv?)

5 hours of Gilmore Girls (don't knock me, I love my Stars Hollow!)

1 Hour of Numb3rs

1 Hour of Grey's Anatomy (until it jumps that infamous shark)

1 Hour of Brothers and Sisters (love me some Walkers!)

2 Hours of various Food Network progamming (Ace of Cakes, Throwdown, Iron Chef)

1 Hour of LOST!!!!!

= 51 long hours of Television a week! Thank goodness for my DVR!


Television Off Season

40 hours at work (news, oldies, CW)

5 hours Gilmore Girls (thank goodness for reruns)

1 hour Burn Notice

1 hour Pysch

1 hour Army Wives

1 hour Food Network

= 49 hours of television in the off season!

You know if I didn't already get paid for it I would say I should go pro!

I wonder how old I will be when all this tv starts to rot my brain?

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