Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To do list dwindling...

Today Scott and I were able to cross one thing off our to do list... Cut the front bushes: Done.

What is next?

Clean garage (When I have no idea)

Rent a steam cleaner for the carpet

try to pack away things for a major garage sale in the spring.

Get ready to decorate for Christmas

Cut trees that are touching the roof (Scott will probably need help for that!)

Put up Christmas lights on house.

Find a ladder that we can use so Scott won't fall of the roof whilst putting Christmas lights on house...

I have also started planning J's birthday party! Holy Exciting Party Batman! Yep, year number 5 is a Batman party! Complete with a bat cave, bat food, Batman cake, capes and masks. I think by the end of it I will be Bat-ted out!


Anonymous said...

you could always get the H20 Mop from Harriet Carter!

Kristy said...

Very cool. I have never seen that before!