Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vacation, Snow and sleepy babies...

We are still on semi vacation/Thanksgiving break. J loves the snow. He fell alseep on the way and then woke up in the mountains. Then it scared him. He said he was afraid of the mountains. Which by the way you can just not be in the mountains. Then it came out why, he said what if they are not mountains but volcanos. So I got explain to an already upset boy that they are NOT volcanos.

Well, it is late and S is being spoiled by the fact that I won't let her scream it out in her playpen while in a hotel room. I just can not be one of those parents who let them scream it out. So maybe I'll get some sleep, maybe she will end up between J and I on the bed.

Tomorrow, the adventures of a 14 hour car ride with a pre-schooler and an infant! WooHoo? Tears? Well I know it will at least be an adventure!

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