Monday, November 3, 2008

What else can someone blog about on Nov. 3 of an election year?

Anything other than politics!

Well. I can't. Sorry. Though this question is not going to be focused fully on our upcoming election.

How do you teach your children how to vote? I know that you can take them to the polls. Show them what button to press. Hopefully by the time your children vote they understand that already.

What I am talking about is how to you teach your child to vote from their heart to what they believe is right. I know a lot of people who teach their children to vote the way they do. My parents did not do this. They taught me to vote for the candidate that I believe is the right candidate. And usually that vote goes against their normal vote. They make fun of me but hardly ever tell me that I am wrong for voting for who I believe in. So why do some people not teach their children to make choices? Why does it seem they say, "This is what we (the family) believes in!"

I do not want to tell my children who to vote for. (They both are far off from voting) I want them to make an educated choice on their own. If, by the time they are 18, they can not make an educated choice should they be allowed to vote? Should there be a test?

It is kind of like the test you must take to become a citizen. Why is it that all American's don't have to take this test before they are allowed to vote?

So my hopes for the future? Children who grow up to be responsible adults. Not selfish grown-up children who do not know how to tie their own $150 shoe laces without help. Young adults who have parents ready to throw them out in to the world (hopefully college/university) instead of trying to protect them well into their early 20's. Now I want to protect my babies for as long I as possibly can but will I know when it is too much?

My parents had a huge stack of transfer applications sitting on my bed when I came home from college for Christmas break. As annoyed by it as I was. I still was not told or forced to change schools from my choice. I am glad never transferred. Just thinking of what might have changed it I had!

Well maybe I am just babbling. Until tomorrow.

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