Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Children are Smarter than Adults...

Today Em and Craig had to tell N that Pa died. To be honest, I was terrified of this. N adores Pa. He was an extraordinary grandfather. He was there for his grand babies for all of their lives. (He even was there for my J on almost all of J's birthdays!) It is heartbreaking for any parent trying to figure out how to tell your child that their beloved grandfather is dead.

Does she even really understand what dead is?

Well the answer to that is YES! She understands what death is better than I DO!

For a summary, they told her that Pa had died and gone to heaven to be with God. She asked some normal questions, will she see him again? can he write her letters? can she talk to him? can she write him letters? ...No, No, Of Course, Absolutely!

I can imagine so vividly what happened next. No, I was not there but it feels like to me that I was there. I can see it clearly in my head.

Em was crying. N asked her why she was crying? Em said because she was sad that Pa went to Heaven. N said why, Pa is with God now so everything is ok.

And N is absolutely, positively correct. I loved Pa, I was not at all as close to Pa as Em and Craig were. They were blood family but in our family, he was my family too! That is what I love about my family.

So. Now is the time to be sad and to mourn. BUT it is also the time to celebrate the life of Tom Johnson. The extraordinary life that he has been able to lead! The wonderful son that he had that has made my sister so happy. The beautiful, gorgeous, extraordinary, brilliant, silly, sneaky, outgoing, interesting, sweet and sassy granddaughters that each posses a part of him.

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