Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31st, 2008

Well, this is it! This is the last day of 2008. I really think we were on fast forward this entire year!

It has been a very blessed one! Our biggest blessing was our beautiful daughter S.

S, S, S! She is a toot! If anyone knows J, then you know it is in their blood. I guess the perfect mixture of Scott and I are two silly, stubborn, matter of fact, happy and intelligent little people.

You know, everyone always wishes for things in the New Year and makes resolutions that they promise they will keep. I don't think I keep resolutions very well, but maybe I can try.

So my wishes for the New Year are:

* Our family to have peace with their lives. I hope that our family as a whole and each individual family member will not wish for what is crazy but realize what they have is a blessing.

* For our friends to be blessed with the joys that so many people take for granted. It is a hard road.

* For J who will be going to his first years of school to open his mind to learning. To be able to socialize well with the other children and not to loose the boy his today to try to fit in with smelly-gross-nose-picking children.

* For S to keep learning so much so fast. But I want S not to grow so fast. Let me keep holding you until you fall asleep sometimes. Snuggle with you and enjoy your big slobbery, wet open mouthed kisses.

* For Scott to have a great year. To not work so hard and enjoy the time we have together. To keep being the wonderful husband that he is.

* For me to try and be the mother and wife that I want to be and should be. To not get so frustrated at people when they are clearly making wrong decisions. To not give more of myself than I will receive to people who do not care.

Ok, now on to some resolutions:

Weight: This will be my big one this year. Baby weight needs to disappear! I am going to challenge myself to work out 4 days a week for three months. (Little goals!)

Eating: To eat more fruits and veggies. I eat a good amount now but it is still not enough of a variety.

Cleaning: Boy I don't like messy things but sometimes get overwhelmed. I want to really set in my routine so that I am not cleaning all weekends! I want to free up my weekends!

Wants: I am going to inventory the house and have a MAJOR garage sale! I am saving up to buy my dream camera! I do not want to take money from our family. I can not knowingly spend that much money if it is not purposefully set aside. If I can save/earn at least $500 I don't mind using $150 from our money. I want my camera!

Well that is it! I hope everyone have a great New Years! Ours will have started of good. Scott is working on the rescue tonight, so if you live in Oak Cliff please don't get into any wrecks or get too drunk or shoot guns outside. Heart attacks and normal medical issues are ok but not stupidity!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Shots... and maybe too much tv?

J had his 5 year check up today! He did great. He was very very nervous but it is kind of to be expected. His doc ask him some questions about his birthday, he explained it perfectly except that he explain his 4 year old party not his 5 year old party? Hum, yes very nervous little boy.

The check up went well, he seems just fine. And no shots! Wait, no, he hasn't had a flu shot yet! Whoops! So he got a flu shot today. So if you don't have or haven't had children in a long time here is how that went.

Doctor: The nurse will be in in just a minute to give you one shot.

J: Ok
waiting patiently, even told me where he was going to get the shot.
Nurse: Hello, could you sign here and initial here, here and here...
J: Am I going to get my shot?
N: Yes, raise your pant leg up (he was wearing windpants) and sit back on the table.
J would not lean back! So I had to help him, which I think in his mind was more like strapping him down.
Me: J it is ok just lean back (gentle force to get him to lean back)
N: It's over.
J: (Scream, cry in pain. Hops of the table limping, holding his leg.) Then two seconds outside of the door says
That wasn't so bad, I'm ok now!

So either Noggin has started airing medical dramas or he knows what to say to try to get the nurses attention.

NaBloPoMo, again?!?!

Yes, I am going to try this again! I did it in November (even if some of the post were seriously lacking any content). So let's see if I can make one post per day for the entire month of January.

It really helps that I don't have two vacations plus a major Holiday to contend with this go 'round.

Anyone going to join me?

Sunday, December 28, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas! It felt jam packed but then really the little time off from work has been great!

First the 23rd I worked overnight. I am really glad I don't have to do that all the time! So I got off at 7 on the 24th. I had to get a little more shopping done but was dead tired. So I went home to catch some zzz's. Then we had to get the shopping done and get ready for going to my grandmothers.

Had a good time with the family... Though we are going to have to really sort out the "drawing names" ordeal since poor Kate got left out!

Scott, of course, had to work on Christmas Day (though technically I did too {Thanks Larry!}) so we decided to keep Christmas on Christmas. J is really into the fact that Christmas is on it's specific day. I know when he and S get a bit old we can move days around but for now we will just have to make due! So we got the kids to bed, then started straightening up and getting everything ready! We didn't have "santa snow footprints" this year. I figured since the high was suppose to be in the upper 60's and since Mom would have to clean it all up alone before guest arrived, that the snow must have melted in the chimney.

So we sat our alarms for 4:30am! Boy was that hard to wake up to. We wanted to wake J up kind of cool. We tried having Scott ring the bells we had in front of his room. (In hopes that J would hear think it was Santa and come running into our room) Well J is a hard sleeper. He grunted and rolled over. So finally I went near his room and rang those little bells so loud that S woke up, which helped J wake up. After a few minutes of just being upset that someone woke them up, they realized what it was.

J ran downstairs and started looking around. S, well, she almost fell asleep on my shoulder. J was so happy though. Presents were open and loved. Dad went to work and I went to cooking.

Family began to arrive, we ate, we sat, we talked. I had a really good time just being with family. After it was all over I had a mound of dishes. Em took J to meet the new puppies that they got. S pooped out in her bed so I did dishes.

I thought to myself, you know there are two ways of looking at this pile of dishes. 1). Man, why do I have to clean it all up by my self when I could be sitting on the couch watching tv?
2) Wow, I have a great, huge, obnoxious, loving family who got to spend a holiday sitting around my house eating some pretty good food (hence the dishes) all while enjoying each others company.

Well it wasn't until I actually put the last dish away that S woke up. So I didn't choose which way I was going to look at the mound-o-dishes. Hey there is always Easter :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why is it difficult?

Ok so before you go any further this is a woman-ly post. Well to be correct a woman-ly and mother-ly post...

Go back now if you are not prepared...

Ok, well why is nursing such a difficult thing? It is excruciatingly emotional to start. Once you get the hang of it then it is very easy. Then your baby decides it is time to wean. Yes that is right, not really my choice but S's. She would rather sit holding her own bottle than take the time to nurse. Which is fine because I had all kinds of stereotypical thoughts about nursing from the beginning. I didn't want to if the baby: got teeth, could walk for it or could ask for it. Well 1 out of 3 is the beginning. What can you do? So we made it 9 months without having to buy more than 1 can of formula! And we made it 8 months before we opened that one can!

She doesn't mind at all having a bottle or formula. So of course the emotional side gets left on Mom. Not to mention the kind of painful side. I guess I can take it pretty soon she will be on regular milk and real food!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Murphy's Law or some kind of intervention?

So I am not sure which it was... Here is background:

Today was J's program at church for preschool. Well of course I had to work, but was able to get two great co-workers to cover the 6 o'clock and Sports. So I decide ok, the program starts at 6:30 if I leave here by 6:00 I should make it the 11 miles even in traffic.

So here is what happened:

Go outside at 5:50 and notice (thoughts in my head) 'hum...why does the car seem leaning? Nah, all in my head'. During this time I had called Scott to tell him I am on my way when I realize my tire is flat! Argh! So I go back upstairs as said co-workers if their cars happen to be automatic (yes I can drive standard but I am not good at it). No of course not. So Larry comes downstairs with me and with my handy army flashlight we proceed to quickly change this tire to the spare. I get on my way at about 6:11. I made it from downtown to our church at 6:34 AND I didn't go above 55 mph due to traffic (actually went slower off and on).

So as I am driving I think to my self: 'self, I am suppose to drive to Houston-ish Saturday. It is odd that my tire went low today... Maybe I needed a change anyway and this is why it went out.'

I don't know. I do know that I will be visiting Sears tomorrow hoping that we did get that warranty on the tire. If not I guess we'll have a new tire for Christmas!

I guess I was on the fast highway though because I didn't go above 60 getting back here and I made it in 13 minutes, in Scott's truck.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thoughts jumbled in my head...

* Is it just me or have hair rubber bands lost some of their rubber-y-ness?

* Would it be so wrong to cook all of Christmas dinner and just ask family to bring $5 to cover the cost?

* Why is it I can go Christmas shopping for all the people on my list but only end up getting things for my kids?

* Why do some people seem to waste money and we just can't? Did our parents wire us some special way? Was it that college education? What can't I just spend a large amount of money without the torment of worry?
Answer: Because we work hard for the little money we have and spending a big chunk most of the time seems just wrong!

* Why is it S sleeps so well and so much longer when we have to be awake early? Or why does she nap so well when we have to go somewhere at a specific time?

* Why can I still not find the right baby gate? And why did mine break?

* Why did I start watching House with Scott? Now I really like it too! I don't have time for more shows on my list!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Blessing Tree...

At night church yesterday we had what you would call a blessing tree. We were asked to put any blessing that we had experienced from the past year. We immediately I thought of the bundle of energy I was holding was my biggest blessing.

So I went up third to put my blessing. After about 2 more people put them up the worship leader asked Bro. Bobby to read some. They were there for all to read. He read mine second. Everyone let out an ahhh. I thought to myself:

You know self, some people might think I just liked her or was happy to have her. They don't truly understand what we went through to get her here. How much we REALLY wanted her. S can never say that she was an "oops" baby or an "accident". She was not a "pleasant surprise" or a "little souvenir". She was wanted.

It makes me want to share our journey. We had started to think about having another baby when Jack was about 9 months old. We started talking about how nice it would be if we had a summer baby. Scott would have been right out of fire academy. I was still working at Cedar Valley, so it wouldn't have been too hard. Well, no luck. Emily gets pregnant with Isabel. Still trying with no luck. Go to the doctor July 2005 to see if anything was "wrong". Nope nothing wrong. Doc wants us to *try* for another 6 months. Ok, we thought. Maybe it just wasn't the right time.

Well now I will give all the little oh so helpful sayings that we heard while trying: Oh, it just isn't the right time...Oh just get drunk, it worked for this girl in college... Well at least you have one child... You don't need another baby, Jack is perfect... Just relax it will happen when it happens... Don't worry you can always adopt (yes we know and plan on that someday but that wasn't nice to say)

Ok back to the point... So we tried, no luck back to doctor. He gives us one medication to try for 3 months. Then another 3 months...Everything seems to be normal so no medicine this three months. Well some very detailed things go on during this time which result in what was too early to determine what I know it was. Back to doctor then another three months. Then one more set. So you can guess how tired of this we were by then! I mean come on. Maybe we really weren't suppose to have a baby. I forgot to add during this time my sister now has her third baby. So think of the strain on the marriage. Luckily we really do love each other and it just helped make us stronger. So finally we were able to conceive a baby. Now I obsessed with every thing going good. So of course I got many scares along the way. First trimester bleeding. Failed the first glucose test. Need to see the genetic counselor and possibly have an amnio. I had the amnio baby is fine, didn't hurt as much as I thought. So coasting along wondering if she is kicking enough, drinking enough water. I didn't gain much weight but that was normal for my starting weight.

Then finally we had our baby S! It was a blessing! No one in that church will ever really understand what it was for my little blessing but I know. I know it when she smiles at me, when she says mama, when she wrinkles her nose. I know when she wakes up crying in the middle of the night and wants her daddy. When she snuggles perfectly in bed with J, Scott and I. I know what a blessing this child is.

I also know what a blessing J was. It might have been odd at the time. We weren't married for very long. People always counted in their heads to see if we got married because I was pregnant. (BTW no, we were married an entire month before he was conceived!)

So at church a few more people put their blessings on the tree. Then J looks at me and says:

J: I want to go up there
Me: Ok. Do you know what the tree is for?
J: Yes, for what you are thankful for?
M: Ok, we tell me baby, what are you thankful for?
J: I am thankful for my mom and dad!

So matter of fact, no nonsense serious. So as I was tearing up, we walked up there and placed J's blessing on the tree.

Friday, December 12, 2008

iPhone App!

Favorite app so far is the Baby Monitor application! I love it. It is a necessity while traveling or visiting other people.

A bit disappointing app, gift planner. Seriously you might need to plan for kids who don't have cell phones. Why do the people have to be a contact?

That darn dog!

Ok a little back story. There was this black dog that liked to hang around our parking lot at work. So I always thought that maybe it belonged to someone who worked here. Maybe they let it walk around while they were working.

Then I thought it was a stray but it seemed well feed. Everyone I know knew of this black dog. He was a usual around the parking lot. I guess he had a flair for news.

So yesterday my friend sent me this link. Apparently it was getting around the paper and 8 about this story that the paper printed.

So yes. There is no reason to give up hope even after a long time.

Also, I am pretty sure the mammoth size rodents that frequent our trash bin might have also helped keep him well feed.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Today my baby is 5!


So J, here is what I love about you today!

I love how you love your bear. He is your best friend. He has traveled to many states with us. He has had his picture taken in front of the White House and in the Smithsonian's with you.

I love your jokes. Most of the time they don't make sense but they are so funny to you!

I love how you correct me on what is a fire engine and what is a fire truck. (Your dad is so proud!)

I love how every morning you come into our room and jump into our bed. And now if Sophie isn't in there you quietly leave to check on her in her crib.

I love how you are getting older and do not want to be *handsome*. But then you ask before we leave if you are...

I love how you sing to yourself while riding in the car. How when we told you were were driving to Delaware for the day you never complained. (though we were gone for 15 hours that day!)

I love how when I don't feel good you can tell and bring me toys to play with. Or on those days you just sit beside me and play quietly. (I had a lot of those days with Sophie's pregnancy)

I love (kind of) that when I try to take a picture of you, your face is looking at me but your eyes never are!

I love you J!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Already!?!?!

Well I took a little break after the November daily blogging. That was a feet to accomplish. Especially since we had two vacations in the month of November and Thanksgiving!

We made it home from Denver in one piece after 17 - 18 hours-ish. (I kind of stopped counting after say 8) The kids did good, no major melt downs or crying spells! Not bad at all. J is my traveling buddy, that boy can keep himself entertained with nothing! I love it! S is too young but she might just have the spark too! I can't wait until she is his age for traveling ease!

So on to December! What a magical month! So many things will happen this December. J had his birthday party last Saturday. He is going to be 5 on Thursday. Can you believe it? 5. He just seems to be getting bigger and bigger and smarter and smarter. I love it! I love that I can ask him questions and find out interesting things from him. On the 1st we took our two telescopes outside to look at the Moon, Jupiter and Venus. It was great. I love introducing J to things that Scott and I love. So looked closely at the moon asking questions. Then we looked at the planets as best as our little telescopes could. It was great.

! Our little monkey is pulling up to the couch. So just as soon as she did that, she decided on walking along side the couch! And Saturday night, my little adventure decided she could let go of the couch and try to walk all by herself. Well, she went smack down on the floor! (Thank goodness for carpet) But that hasn't stopped her from walking along side everything she can pull up too! And Sunday night she waved! Nana (my mom) had waved at her and she picked the little hand up and waved back. It was precious. It is amazing getting to watch her do new things.

Sunday morning J was in our church's children's program. He wiggled and jiggled but all in all was adorable! (Yes, that is bias! He is my son and if he had stood on his head the entire time, I would have thought he was adorable too!)

Today, S and I went to put decorations and lights on my grandmothers tree. If anyone out there does not have a pre-lit tree, you really need one! I could not believe how long it took me to strand those branches! So I will just think of the good times S had playing with her great-grandparents. She was just laughing and smiling. Hugging and kissing on them. She is a very lovable, kissable little girl. And she loves to show affection back at people! She gives the best slobber kisses! And while she is kissing, she swipes your glasses! Trickety, trickster!

Well, back to work... Still haven't got my notebook, so I am using an old one. (It doesn't have the same symbolisms as a fresh, new, clean one.) But it is on my list of things to get from my lovely babies and husband for Christmas.

Things to come... Family Christmas party, Christmas with *lively* family members and maybe some relaxation?

Oh yea, I forgot to add the cute/sad thing J said this week...

Me: J what are you going to tell Santa you want for Christmas?
J: I don't know.
M: Well what do you want?
J: I don't think I'll get anything (sad face)
M: Why not?
J: I don't really want anything.
M: (Secretly wondering if we've hit spoiled since he doesn't want anything?) Well, will just have to look at the Christmas book (Toys R Us Toy book)...