Sunday, December 28, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas! It felt jam packed but then really the little time off from work has been great!

First the 23rd I worked overnight. I am really glad I don't have to do that all the time! So I got off at 7 on the 24th. I had to get a little more shopping done but was dead tired. So I went home to catch some zzz's. Then we had to get the shopping done and get ready for going to my grandmothers.

Had a good time with the family... Though we are going to have to really sort out the "drawing names" ordeal since poor Kate got left out!

Scott, of course, had to work on Christmas Day (though technically I did too {Thanks Larry!}) so we decided to keep Christmas on Christmas. J is really into the fact that Christmas is on it's specific day. I know when he and S get a bit old we can move days around but for now we will just have to make due! So we got the kids to bed, then started straightening up and getting everything ready! We didn't have "santa snow footprints" this year. I figured since the high was suppose to be in the upper 60's and since Mom would have to clean it all up alone before guest arrived, that the snow must have melted in the chimney.

So we sat our alarms for 4:30am! Boy was that hard to wake up to. We wanted to wake J up kind of cool. We tried having Scott ring the bells we had in front of his room. (In hopes that J would hear think it was Santa and come running into our room) Well J is a hard sleeper. He grunted and rolled over. So finally I went near his room and rang those little bells so loud that S woke up, which helped J wake up. After a few minutes of just being upset that someone woke them up, they realized what it was.

J ran downstairs and started looking around. S, well, she almost fell asleep on my shoulder. J was so happy though. Presents were open and loved. Dad went to work and I went to cooking.

Family began to arrive, we ate, we sat, we talked. I had a really good time just being with family. After it was all over I had a mound of dishes. Em took J to meet the new puppies that they got. S pooped out in her bed so I did dishes.

I thought to myself, you know there are two ways of looking at this pile of dishes. 1). Man, why do I have to clean it all up by my self when I could be sitting on the couch watching tv?
2) Wow, I have a great, huge, obnoxious, loving family who got to spend a holiday sitting around my house eating some pretty good food (hence the dishes) all while enjoying each others company.

Well it wasn't until I actually put the last dish away that S woke up. So I didn't choose which way I was going to look at the mound-o-dishes. Hey there is always Easter :)

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