Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31st, 2008

Well, this is it! This is the last day of 2008. I really think we were on fast forward this entire year!

It has been a very blessed one! Our biggest blessing was our beautiful daughter S.

S, S, S! She is a toot! If anyone knows J, then you know it is in their blood. I guess the perfect mixture of Scott and I are two silly, stubborn, matter of fact, happy and intelligent little people.

You know, everyone always wishes for things in the New Year and makes resolutions that they promise they will keep. I don't think I keep resolutions very well, but maybe I can try.

So my wishes for the New Year are:

* Our family to have peace with their lives. I hope that our family as a whole and each individual family member will not wish for what is crazy but realize what they have is a blessing.

* For our friends to be blessed with the joys that so many people take for granted. It is a hard road.

* For J who will be going to his first years of school to open his mind to learning. To be able to socialize well with the other children and not to loose the boy his today to try to fit in with smelly-gross-nose-picking children.

* For S to keep learning so much so fast. But I want S not to grow so fast. Let me keep holding you until you fall asleep sometimes. Snuggle with you and enjoy your big slobbery, wet open mouthed kisses.

* For Scott to have a great year. To not work so hard and enjoy the time we have together. To keep being the wonderful husband that he is.

* For me to try and be the mother and wife that I want to be and should be. To not get so frustrated at people when they are clearly making wrong decisions. To not give more of myself than I will receive to people who do not care.

Ok, now on to some resolutions:

Weight: This will be my big one this year. Baby weight needs to disappear! I am going to challenge myself to work out 4 days a week for three months. (Little goals!)

Eating: To eat more fruits and veggies. I eat a good amount now but it is still not enough of a variety.

Cleaning: Boy I don't like messy things but sometimes get overwhelmed. I want to really set in my routine so that I am not cleaning all weekends! I want to free up my weekends!

Wants: I am going to inventory the house and have a MAJOR garage sale! I am saving up to buy my dream camera! I do not want to take money from our family. I can not knowingly spend that much money if it is not purposefully set aside. If I can save/earn at least $500 I don't mind using $150 from our money. I want my camera!

Well that is it! I hope everyone have a great New Years! Ours will have started of good. Scott is working on the rescue tonight, so if you live in Oak Cliff please don't get into any wrecks or get too drunk or shoot guns outside. Heart attacks and normal medical issues are ok but not stupidity!

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