Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Already!?!?!

Well I took a little break after the November daily blogging. That was a feet to accomplish. Especially since we had two vacations in the month of November and Thanksgiving!

We made it home from Denver in one piece after 17 - 18 hours-ish. (I kind of stopped counting after say 8) The kids did good, no major melt downs or crying spells! Not bad at all. J is my traveling buddy, that boy can keep himself entertained with nothing! I love it! S is too young but she might just have the spark too! I can't wait until she is his age for traveling ease!

So on to December! What a magical month! So many things will happen this December. J had his birthday party last Saturday. He is going to be 5 on Thursday. Can you believe it? 5. He just seems to be getting bigger and bigger and smarter and smarter. I love it! I love that I can ask him questions and find out interesting things from him. On the 1st we took our two telescopes outside to look at the Moon, Jupiter and Venus. It was great. I love introducing J to things that Scott and I love. So looked closely at the moon asking questions. Then we looked at the planets as best as our little telescopes could. It was great.

! Our little monkey is pulling up to the couch. So just as soon as she did that, she decided on walking along side the couch! And Saturday night, my little adventure decided she could let go of the couch and try to walk all by herself. Well, she went smack down on the floor! (Thank goodness for carpet) But that hasn't stopped her from walking along side everything she can pull up too! And Sunday night she waved! Nana (my mom) had waved at her and she picked the little hand up and waved back. It was precious. It is amazing getting to watch her do new things.

Sunday morning J was in our church's children's program. He wiggled and jiggled but all in all was adorable! (Yes, that is bias! He is my son and if he had stood on his head the entire time, I would have thought he was adorable too!)

Today, S and I went to put decorations and lights on my grandmothers tree. If anyone out there does not have a pre-lit tree, you really need one! I could not believe how long it took me to strand those branches! So I will just think of the good times S had playing with her great-grandparents. She was just laughing and smiling. Hugging and kissing on them. She is a very lovable, kissable little girl. And she loves to show affection back at people! She gives the best slobber kisses! And while she is kissing, she swipes your glasses! Trickety, trickster!

Well, back to work... Still haven't got my notebook, so I am using an old one. (It doesn't have the same symbolisms as a fresh, new, clean one.) But it is on my list of things to get from my lovely babies and husband for Christmas.

Things to come... Family Christmas party, Christmas with *lively* family members and maybe some relaxation?

Oh yea, I forgot to add the cute/sad thing J said this week...

Me: J what are you going to tell Santa you want for Christmas?
J: I don't know.
M: Well what do you want?
J: I don't think I'll get anything (sad face)
M: Why not?
J: I don't really want anything.
M: (Secretly wondering if we've hit spoiled since he doesn't want anything?) Well, will just have to look at the Christmas book (Toys R Us Toy book)...

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Grandmother said...

I just love reading your blog. You are a gifted writer and when I read your writings it makes me feel like I am right there seeing and hearing everything that is going on. That little Sophie is just moving right along. On Saturday, I saw her pull up to the recliner but then right back down again. She was persistent in accomplishing her goal. And I would love to have seen Jack at his program, but your description paints a wonderful picture in my mind. Thank you for sharing with us.