Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Murphy's Law or some kind of intervention?

So I am not sure which it was... Here is background:

Today was J's program at church for preschool. Well of course I had to work, but was able to get two great co-workers to cover the 6 o'clock and Sports. So I decide ok, the program starts at 6:30 if I leave here by 6:00 I should make it the 11 miles even in traffic.

So here is what happened:

Go outside at 5:50 and notice (thoughts in my head) 'hum...why does the car seem leaning? Nah, all in my head'. During this time I had called Scott to tell him I am on my way when I realize my tire is flat! Argh! So I go back upstairs as said co-workers if their cars happen to be automatic (yes I can drive standard but I am not good at it). No of course not. So Larry comes downstairs with me and with my handy army flashlight we proceed to quickly change this tire to the spare. I get on my way at about 6:11. I made it from downtown to our church at 6:34 AND I didn't go above 55 mph due to traffic (actually went slower off and on).

So as I am driving I think to my self: 'self, I am suppose to drive to Houston-ish Saturday. It is odd that my tire went low today... Maybe I needed a change anyway and this is why it went out.'

I don't know. I do know that I will be visiting Sears tomorrow hoping that we did get that warranty on the tire. If not I guess we'll have a new tire for Christmas!

I guess I was on the fast highway though because I didn't go above 60 getting back here and I made it in 13 minutes, in Scott's truck.

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