Monday, December 29, 2008

Shots... and maybe too much tv?

J had his 5 year check up today! He did great. He was very very nervous but it is kind of to be expected. His doc ask him some questions about his birthday, he explained it perfectly except that he explain his 4 year old party not his 5 year old party? Hum, yes very nervous little boy.

The check up went well, he seems just fine. And no shots! Wait, no, he hasn't had a flu shot yet! Whoops! So he got a flu shot today. So if you don't have or haven't had children in a long time here is how that went.

Doctor: The nurse will be in in just a minute to give you one shot.

J: Ok
waiting patiently, even told me where he was going to get the shot.
Nurse: Hello, could you sign here and initial here, here and here...
J: Am I going to get my shot?
N: Yes, raise your pant leg up (he was wearing windpants) and sit back on the table.
J would not lean back! So I had to help him, which I think in his mind was more like strapping him down.
Me: J it is ok just lean back (gentle force to get him to lean back)
N: It's over.
J: (Scream, cry in pain. Hops of the table limping, holding his leg.) Then two seconds outside of the door says
That wasn't so bad, I'm ok now!

So either Noggin has started airing medical dramas or he knows what to say to try to get the nurses attention.


Janette said...

Okay, that was funny! :) Oh yeah, and I can't believe you have a 5 year old!!

Kristy said...

I can't either!