Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thoughts jumbled in my head...

* Is it just me or have hair rubber bands lost some of their rubber-y-ness?

* Would it be so wrong to cook all of Christmas dinner and just ask family to bring $5 to cover the cost?

* Why is it I can go Christmas shopping for all the people on my list but only end up getting things for my kids?

* Why do some people seem to waste money and we just can't? Did our parents wire us some special way? Was it that college education? What can't I just spend a large amount of money without the torment of worry?
Answer: Because we work hard for the little money we have and spending a big chunk most of the time seems just wrong!

* Why is it S sleeps so well and so much longer when we have to be awake early? Or why does she nap so well when we have to go somewhere at a specific time?

* Why can I still not find the right baby gate? And why did mine break?

* Why did I start watching House with Scott? Now I really like it too! I don't have time for more shows on my list!

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