Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quickie Recap

I have been busy and not busy all at the same time. So here is a quick update of what's going on...

* J finally got better! It was not strep, which was good. But still why was his fever 102 up and down for 4 days? Doc thinks viral infection but told us to keep him on the antibiotic that he pres. in case it had anything to do with crazy peanut butter crackers J devours (he only had a fever no other salmonella symptoms so it really isn't that). They did say to bring him in immediately if his fever returns. But he is not complaining about anything so I am thinking just a stinky viral infection too.

* S is 10 months old! I am starting to plan her party, which will be a Mad Hatter Tea Party! I have found cool daisies on Oriental Trading's website, so it will be flowery and magical!

* I am having my nieces birthday this weekend and it is cool because my house is in such good shape! I love it!

* We completed our Fasting! We made it! We are keeping some of the diet but not all, I do like my dairy and meat! It is funny how limiting your food intake really does clear up other aspects of your life.

* Taxes = almost done! I love the new S credits! Plus the extra $300 stimulus since she was born in 2008.

Well that seems to be it! Oh yea, we are moving into the next building on 31st (work) so it should be interesting!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sick Little Man...

My little boy is sick. He has been sick since Wednesday night. He has a fever that goes up and down with Motrin (up to 102.9, 103 today). We visited our very favorite doctor today and he ruled out Flu (which was good because he just got his flu shot two weeks ago). And has semi ruled out Strep, he didn't trust the rapid test, so we are waiting for the other. But since it is the weekend it will be Monday before we know. So we have to keep the kids separated and treat J as contagious. Luckily he is on antibiotics and he likes his pallet upstairs.

So I stocked up on Gatorade to make sure the little man gets his fluids. Poor Baby! And of course my silly, sneaky girl keeps trying to get to the stairs, I guess to see her brother. He really is a super hero to her!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prior Planning...

Prevents Poor Performance....

So with that, I am trying to start planning my baby girl's birthday party. Yes it is early but really it is only 65 days until her birthday. In that time, we will be moving our work space (31st as of today). I will have Valentine's Day, Home improvements, Spring Break, Anniversary, Super Bowl and whatever else I have to start planning.

Now the questions swirling in my head... What kind of party?

Plain Party City girl 1 Pary

Spring Flowery Party

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Pink Party

Princess Party

Since this will really be the only party she can not decide what she wants, I am confused. This will most likely be the only party I can decide on for her. Everything else from here on out I will just have to go with what she wants. I got comfortable with boy parties! Baseball, Blues Clues, Thomas, Buzz and Batman!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cleaning Part 1 of (who knows)= check!

J's harry potter closet is cleaned out! Now it will need one more overhaul at a later date but it is good for now!

Next up kitchen!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Silly kids

J:" i use a tennis racket like this..." ( he plays air guitar)

Dances around a bit then i hear this. "i still got it" and he sits the racket down!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well with more enegry my blogging brain freeze might have returned... Or all my brain is saying is Laundry, laundry, laundry, Burger King, Laundry, laundry...

Since I can't go to Burger King, I guess second place for me is Laundry! YEA!

P.S. Who wears all these clothes? I know who buys them *snicker*. I might have a problem! The first step is admitting it right? Just wait to spring and S is walking, oh the sandels!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Not so bad!

Day 2 is down and we survived! I have found some great vegan recipes that work. Not so bad!

No headache today, thank goodness! And it is FRIDAY! WOOHOO! I plan on hanging out with the kids. Maybe a visit to Mamo's house. When the kids go to bed tomorrow I plan on cleaning out my Harry Potter closet! Put all the family games away in there so they have a home. That will also be a good place to put stuff that is J's that S doesn't need to mess with. Eventually I guess backpacks can live there too, and shoes!

Oh the plans for my little Harry Potter Closet!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 1 : Daniel Fast

Today was hard. There is nothing more about it that I can say. I don't know what is harder, doing this fast or the worry of Scott doing it.

A slight backstory: We contacted Scott's endocrinologist before we decided to do this. We did not want, in anyway, to harm his health. If you didn't know, Scott is type 1 diabetic. I really trust his diabetes doctor's at UT Southwestern. So far they have far surpassed any expectations that I have. So when we heard back that it was in fact really healthy for him, as long as we strictly followed his calorie/carb/blood sugar levels.

So for us, this is where we started. More than the normal how many starches are in a certain food group, guestimate size of portions. He takes care of his diabetes and really knows his food groups. He gets to go to diabetes management classes that help him. I don't. I never got to take classes on how to prepare diabetic meals. I don't get to go every 3 months to find out exactly what needs to be done. Well, in the past 3 days I have had a crash course! Let me tell you, I can almost by heart give serving size of carbs and calories for our normal fruits and veggies. It is weird. What I don't know, I will soon thanks to some helpful books my mom is going to give me!

Also we have been checking his blood sugar every hour to make sure it stays in normal range. It has gone down a low (for him) a couple of times but still not bad. Scott's blood sugar has actually stayed in a normal persons range most of the day. So tomorrow will be hard for him, but as I have told him this is a spiritual walk that for him does not necessarily mean he has to stick to it. If he needs something he is going to take it because his body is different.

He had a headache for a while today, so did I. From what I have read online it is one of the many fun things that will be going on while our bodies detoxify. I cleaned out our pantry and fridge of most of the processed foods. I didn't throw it away but I packed pantry food and put it in a box in the corner of the dining room. I couldn't believe what all we had in there! We have a drawer for J in the fridge since he is not on the diet.

So while, for me, I might get a headache, I can get past it. Why? Because I have a lot on my side! I will not give into temptations that my body may be going through because the spirit is with in me working hard.

I may be weak, but he is strong!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brain Freeze Part Two?

I mean really! I am getting tired of having so many thoughts in my head that I am unable to finish!

I got my notebook, so I have begun writing them down again. It really does help to clear out my head but now I am just overloading with thoughts!

So hear is some of my randomness that is or isn't really important but that is floating around in my head:

* J: has got to focus on some of his silliness. When I am trying to teach him to read and spell, he gets the sillies and tries to joke. I know that he can spell his three letter words but for some reason he says he doesn't know or uses completely different letters?

* S: Sweet little girl has her first ear infection, she is grumpy and upset but cuddly

* Seriously Larry Flynt, you are SERIOUSLY going to waste Congresses time by asking for a porn industry bail out?

* My poor minivan: What is that noise that you are making as I drive? I am going to HAVE to take you back to the shop to check. You didn't start making a noise until had your tires changed? Did you want your brakes done too?

* I really need to get on the ball and rake my leaves

* I have so much cleaning out that I need to do. I need to rid us of all the junk in our lives! (Of course, part of that is to earn the money for my sweet little camera that I am going to get!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brain freeze...

That is what I have today. A blogging brain freeze.

So all I have to offer today is did you know that 1 head of boiled cabbage with not salt has 786% daily value of vitamin C?

I didn't either!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Epiphany = Check....

Today I got to stay at home and have a nice Texas icy day at home. And then I cooked Armenian food for my family. I have to say, I didn't do so hot on the dolma. I usually make it better? I think it was because I didn't use my usual rice and not enough dill! Time to make a trip to the Central Market Spice aisle!

So this official ends my crazy weird days off for the holidays. I am kind of bummed about going back to the normal schedule of M - F but I guess with the impending doom, I mean move, it should stay interesting.

Not to mention I am so excited about the week of inauguration! But not for the actual inauguration, I can not wait for LOST to come back on! And I get LOST and Burn Notice in the same week! I love my TV! What a great week of it!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daniel's Fast

We are going to participate in a church wide Daniel Fast. If you don't know what that is here is:

Daniel then said to the guard whom the chief official had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, ‘Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.’ So he agreed to this and tested them for ten days.”

Well there is alot more too it, so if you want more info google, Daniel Fast.

Ok so Scott is very excited to do this, me not so much. I guess I just love my meat that it will be hard and challenging. Well that is the name of the game this New Year, right? So starting on Thursday (Jan. 9) we will begin a total veggie/fruit/nut and water diet. Yea! J and S will NOT be affected by this, they also will NOT be participating (although with the exception of bread J kind of does this now, since we eat organic peanut butter) So it will be even more tempting since we will have to fix them food to maintain their health while not eating it ourselves.

I wonder if I will make it?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Change: Weather

So today it was around 78 degrees, tomorrow should be in the low 40's. That is some change for ya'!

Texas weather gotta love it!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Coolest thing since sliced bread... Sliced Christmas Tree!

I love a deal. So much so that I frequently browse the outlet section at JcPenney online. Sometimes you find just what you want, like my oh-so-Pottery-barn-esque chandelier in my dining room.

So today I am browsing and low and behold look what I found!

A Half Christmas tree. I did some googling and found a site where a woman thinks it is an abomination. I think it is GREAT! I am half (no pun intended) tempted to buy it for the kitchen! It would be perfect to be flat against the wall! Then I would have a Christmas tree in every room of my downstairs! (Minus the half bath, a full size tree will just not fit!)

So cool or just plain weird? If I get it at least it could be a good conversation piece!

P.S. Or get two and place them on opposite sides of a wall, heheheh!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


That is the watchword of the month. Every day I will be posting and it will have some relevance one change. It might not be within our family, state or even country. Though I will keep the posts what I think and my honest opinions.

So to start. Today is a worldwide day of change. The beginning of a New Year. Is the last year wiped clean? Does the clock ticking away second by second, by pause (leap second) by second make this moment different than the last moment?

Yes, it does. I think it doesn't only happen on January 1st though. Every moment has an instance of the present, then it becomes the past. It might be a hurtful, harmful or ugly past but it does quickly become the past. You can not change that. Nothing you can do or wish for in the few precious present moments we have or the daydreaming future moments will change what has already happened.

So what now? Now you live. If you make a mistake it might be painful to you or others. There is something you can do though to correct future mistakes, CHANGE.

I want to change my weight. Honestly. Has it been difficult for me? Well I could answer yes but that would be a lie. It would only be a lie because I haven't changed enough of what I can to make this happen. Yes we a lot of organic foods. We have pretty balanced meals. But I don't exercise like I should. Why? I don't know. Well that there is a lie that just crept up also. I know why I haven't exercised. I haven't REALLY wanted to! I have wanted to spend every moment that I don't have cooking, cleaning or working just being with S and J. I know that we will probably not have any more babies, so I am really enjoying S! I know that next year I will not get to see my son more than a hour a day (when he wakes up before school) except on weekends because of my work schedule! I know that it will be heartbreaking for me and for him. I know that I love my job and do not want to change but have to figure out a balanced life? (Let me tell you how much of a pain I will be volunteering at that school!)

So today on this first day of the New Year, I am going to change. I am going to enjoy my little morning time walking with my children. Yes I will get my exercise AND get to spend my time with my loves.