Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Brain Freeze Part Two?

I mean really! I am getting tired of having so many thoughts in my head that I am unable to finish!

I got my notebook, so I have begun writing them down again. It really does help to clear out my head but now I am just overloading with thoughts!

So hear is some of my randomness that is or isn't really important but that is floating around in my head:

* J: has got to focus on some of his silliness. When I am trying to teach him to read and spell, he gets the sillies and tries to joke. I know that he can spell his three letter words but for some reason he says he doesn't know or uses completely different letters?

* S: Sweet little girl has her first ear infection, she is grumpy and upset but cuddly

* Seriously Larry Flynt, you are SERIOUSLY going to waste Congresses time by asking for a porn industry bail out?

* My poor minivan: What is that noise that you are making as I drive? I am going to HAVE to take you back to the shop to check. You didn't start making a noise until had your tires changed? Did you want your brakes done too?

* I really need to get on the ball and rake my leaves

* I have so much cleaning out that I need to do. I need to rid us of all the junk in our lives! (Of course, part of that is to earn the money for my sweet little camera that I am going to get!)

1 comment:

grandmother said...

Oh, that silly Jackson. You know he is just toying with you!

And I hope Sophie is better today.