Thursday, January 1, 2009


That is the watchword of the month. Every day I will be posting and it will have some relevance one change. It might not be within our family, state or even country. Though I will keep the posts what I think and my honest opinions.

So to start. Today is a worldwide day of change. The beginning of a New Year. Is the last year wiped clean? Does the clock ticking away second by second, by pause (leap second) by second make this moment different than the last moment?

Yes, it does. I think it doesn't only happen on January 1st though. Every moment has an instance of the present, then it becomes the past. It might be a hurtful, harmful or ugly past but it does quickly become the past. You can not change that. Nothing you can do or wish for in the few precious present moments we have or the daydreaming future moments will change what has already happened.

So what now? Now you live. If you make a mistake it might be painful to you or others. There is something you can do though to correct future mistakes, CHANGE.

I want to change my weight. Honestly. Has it been difficult for me? Well I could answer yes but that would be a lie. It would only be a lie because I haven't changed enough of what I can to make this happen. Yes we a lot of organic foods. We have pretty balanced meals. But I don't exercise like I should. Why? I don't know. Well that there is a lie that just crept up also. I know why I haven't exercised. I haven't REALLY wanted to! I have wanted to spend every moment that I don't have cooking, cleaning or working just being with S and J. I know that we will probably not have any more babies, so I am really enjoying S! I know that next year I will not get to see my son more than a hour a day (when he wakes up before school) except on weekends because of my work schedule! I know that it will be heartbreaking for me and for him. I know that I love my job and do not want to change but have to figure out a balanced life? (Let me tell you how much of a pain I will be volunteering at that school!)

So today on this first day of the New Year, I am going to change. I am going to enjoy my little morning time walking with my children. Yes I will get my exercise AND get to spend my time with my loves.

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