Friday, January 2, 2009

Coolest thing since sliced bread... Sliced Christmas Tree!

I love a deal. So much so that I frequently browse the outlet section at JcPenney online. Sometimes you find just what you want, like my oh-so-Pottery-barn-esque chandelier in my dining room.

So today I am browsing and low and behold look what I found!

A Half Christmas tree. I did some googling and found a site where a woman thinks it is an abomination. I think it is GREAT! I am half (no pun intended) tempted to buy it for the kitchen! It would be perfect to be flat against the wall! Then I would have a Christmas tree in every room of my downstairs! (Minus the half bath, a full size tree will just not fit!)

So cool or just plain weird? If I get it at least it could be a good conversation piece!

P.S. Or get two and place them on opposite sides of a wall, heheheh!

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