Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 1 : Daniel Fast

Today was hard. There is nothing more about it that I can say. I don't know what is harder, doing this fast or the worry of Scott doing it.

A slight backstory: We contacted Scott's endocrinologist before we decided to do this. We did not want, in anyway, to harm his health. If you didn't know, Scott is type 1 diabetic. I really trust his diabetes doctor's at UT Southwestern. So far they have far surpassed any expectations that I have. So when we heard back that it was in fact really healthy for him, as long as we strictly followed his calorie/carb/blood sugar levels.

So for us, this is where we started. More than the normal how many starches are in a certain food group, guestimate size of portions. He takes care of his diabetes and really knows his food groups. He gets to go to diabetes management classes that help him. I don't. I never got to take classes on how to prepare diabetic meals. I don't get to go every 3 months to find out exactly what needs to be done. Well, in the past 3 days I have had a crash course! Let me tell you, I can almost by heart give serving size of carbs and calories for our normal fruits and veggies. It is weird. What I don't know, I will soon thanks to some helpful books my mom is going to give me!

Also we have been checking his blood sugar every hour to make sure it stays in normal range. It has gone down a low (for him) a couple of times but still not bad. Scott's blood sugar has actually stayed in a normal persons range most of the day. So tomorrow will be hard for him, but as I have told him this is a spiritual walk that for him does not necessarily mean he has to stick to it. If he needs something he is going to take it because his body is different.

He had a headache for a while today, so did I. From what I have read online it is one of the many fun things that will be going on while our bodies detoxify. I cleaned out our pantry and fridge of most of the processed foods. I didn't throw it away but I packed pantry food and put it in a box in the corner of the dining room. I couldn't believe what all we had in there! We have a drawer for J in the fridge since he is not on the diet.

So while, for me, I might get a headache, I can get past it. Why? Because I have a lot on my side! I will not give into temptations that my body may be going through because the spirit is with in me working hard.

I may be weak, but he is strong!

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