Monday, January 5, 2009

Epiphany = Check....

Today I got to stay at home and have a nice Texas icy day at home. And then I cooked Armenian food for my family. I have to say, I didn't do so hot on the dolma. I usually make it better? I think it was because I didn't use my usual rice and not enough dill! Time to make a trip to the Central Market Spice aisle!

So this official ends my crazy weird days off for the holidays. I am kind of bummed about going back to the normal schedule of M - F but I guess with the impending doom, I mean move, it should stay interesting.

Not to mention I am so excited about the week of inauguration! But not for the actual inauguration, I can not wait for LOST to come back on! And I get LOST and Burn Notice in the same week! I love my TV! What a great week of it!


grandmother said...

Last night was an enjoyable time for us to have with you and the family. And yes, back to our regular schedules. I received an email yesterday that had letters from children to God. One was asking to make another holiday between New Years & Easter because there were not any now. Oh, how wonderful that would be! Tell us more about the big move. When, what, where, & why?

Kristy said...

The move from our nice cozy open studio to the small storage closet size room at WFAA. It should happen this month, so we will see!