Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prior Planning...

Prevents Poor Performance....

So with that, I am trying to start planning my baby girl's birthday party. Yes it is early but really it is only 65 days until her birthday. In that time, we will be moving our work space (31st as of today). I will have Valentine's Day, Home improvements, Spring Break, Anniversary, Super Bowl and whatever else I have to start planning.

Now the questions swirling in my head... What kind of party?

Plain Party City girl 1 Pary

Spring Flowery Party

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Pink Party

Princess Party

Since this will really be the only party she can not decide what she wants, I am confused. This will most likely be the only party I can decide on for her. Everything else from here on out I will just have to go with what she wants. I got comfortable with boy parties! Baseball, Blues Clues, Thomas, Buzz and Batman!

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