Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quickie Recap

I have been busy and not busy all at the same time. So here is a quick update of what's going on...

* J finally got better! It was not strep, which was good. But still why was his fever 102 up and down for 4 days? Doc thinks viral infection but told us to keep him on the antibiotic that he pres. in case it had anything to do with crazy peanut butter crackers J devours (he only had a fever no other salmonella symptoms so it really isn't that). They did say to bring him in immediately if his fever returns. But he is not complaining about anything so I am thinking just a stinky viral infection too.

* S is 10 months old! I am starting to plan her party, which will be a Mad Hatter Tea Party! I have found cool daisies on Oriental Trading's website, so it will be flowery and magical!

* I am having my nieces birthday this weekend and it is cool because my house is in such good shape! I love it!

* We completed our Fasting! We made it! We are keeping some of the diet but not all, I do like my dairy and meat! It is funny how limiting your food intake really does clear up other aspects of your life.

* Taxes = almost done! I love the new S credits! Plus the extra $300 stimulus since she was born in 2008.

Well that seems to be it! Oh yea, we are moving into the next building on 31st (work) so it should be interesting!

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grandmother said...

I am glad Jack is better & we're looking forward to Shopie's 1-year birthday party. Congrats on the tax return also. Have a blessed day!