Friday, January 16, 2009

Sick Little Man...

My little boy is sick. He has been sick since Wednesday night. He has a fever that goes up and down with Motrin (up to 102.9, 103 today). We visited our very favorite doctor today and he ruled out Flu (which was good because he just got his flu shot two weeks ago). And has semi ruled out Strep, he didn't trust the rapid test, so we are waiting for the other. But since it is the weekend it will be Monday before we know. So we have to keep the kids separated and treat J as contagious. Luckily he is on antibiotics and he likes his pallet upstairs.

So I stocked up on Gatorade to make sure the little man gets his fluids. Poor Baby! And of course my silly, sneaky girl keeps trying to get to the stairs, I guess to see her brother. He really is a super hero to her!

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