Friday, February 20, 2009

So little time, so much to do...

That is how I feel lately. There is always something to do. I don't try to do everything but sometimes if you miss on thing, then a pile started and I just get swamped. I need to get on the ball and plan more about S's party.

I need to start prep for Easter. I can't believe how fast it will be here. I want to things to be great.

But lately I have been feeling like things are just piling up and it is hard to stay on top of it all. Either there is just something to do or when I am ready to get down and dirty in housework, Scott has had a long night at work and wants to sleep. It is a talent to be able to clean and entertain an 11 month old at the same time. Especially when she does NOT like the vacuum.

So what is a person to do? I don't know. I need to make my plan to get on top of everything. I used to have time at work to plan my week but since our move at work (3 weeks ago) things don't always work right and there is more to do until the rest of the production dept. moves. Then things like last night happen and machines just quit working. What to do? Things are slowly starting to die down. I am hoping that it will begin to get some sort of routine back in my day!

We are half of our scheduling problem. I said back in January that I wanted to work out or walk more. Well I just haven't. There are no excuses for it other than I just haven't been keeping up with it like I want to. I need to but *something* else always creeps up. I need to work on that! It is going to be a challenge but I really do.

And sometimes we just forgo cleaning for a picnic at the arboretum. Why not? Our kids won't be little for long. When they are bigger we might not have the time to just go for a Wednesday lunch picnic. I want to enjoy them as much as possible.

So my plan as of, um, well today. I AM going to get things in order! I am going to get on top of garage sale items. The clutter that is sufficating our home, old things that we don't use or clothes that we are too big for. I AM going to get my workout in, even if that means spending the full amount of money to get a bike trailer for S to sit in. I AM going to figure out how to do everything that I need to do even if Scott isn't available to help. (Can you blame the guy, they are busy down there!)

That is it. I AM!

Oh, yea, did I mention that we are going to start tee-ball?! And this weekend starts the TWO HOUR practices on Saturday and Sunday! But at least during the week he won't have practice just a game or two...

So thankfully my mom and dad will be watching S during his first practice, since Scott will be at work and I don't even want to try to hold her for two hours! It is so hard because I hate asking someone to watch her when I really could do it but it would just make it easier to not.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's been a while!

Well we got all moved to our new/old building. Not so bad, it is smaller than what we were used to. The equipment is newer and some is older. It is ok. Hard to get used to but we are getting there!

S got her first TOOTH! Yea! She is getting so big so fast! It is hard to keep up with her. She is trying to walk.

J has his first loose tooth. But he is afraid to pull it!

Gotta get back to work for a while!