Monday, March 30, 2009


Do you ever feel like you are playing catch-up with your daily life? I have felt like this lately. I am not sure why. Actually, I have a pretty good idea why but do not want to admit it.

First off, S turned 1! I can't believe how much she has grown over this past year. I know that sounds like a cliche, she went from existing in mommies tummy to a walking, babbling ball of energy. She is EVERYWHERE. She is a climber. She climbs on anything but her favorite is the couch and staircase. I love it. She just gets into whatever she wants and doesn't care if we say no. She is so alive! And she is in love with her brother! They have that connection that I dreamt about when I was pregnant. It is a great. J likes to play with her and she loves to play with him.

I could talk about S and J all day. But I will not, so don't worry. So next comes the stress of the economy. Now, fortunately, we have not been much affected by the current economic problems. We know how quickly it could happen though. My company announced a couple of weeks ago they were planning layoffs. I really like the company I work for, except for the fact that they are sometimes brutal with layoffs. So in the midst of S turning one, Scott's truck getting up there (13) and starting to show it's age, I was worried about maybe being laid off. Yea. Great. Just what I wanted extra stress.

Well thankfully, I was not laid off. But people who I have worked with for a couple of years were. It is hard to be here when everything changes. But there is nothing I nor anyone else can do about it.

So... here I am now. Feeling overwhelmed with things to do, t-ball, getting J ready for kindergarten, work, S (just being her) and wondering if we have handled major decisions in the best way. I think we have. It really is just hard starting off. (Again, with the cliche) I think we are doing good. Now if a couple of thousand wants to fall out of the sky and hit me on the head, go right ahead!

So goodbye for now. I will be blogging more since it does help with relaxation.

Tomorrow, J's first t-ball game!!!! I am so excited!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


It is hard to imagine that S is 1. This year has gone by so fast. Mostly because S is the best baby, hardly cries, loves to play, has the best personality. I think J's first year went by slower, but then again now he is 5!

Here are a few pictures from my wonderful S's Alice in Wonderland Party.