Tuesday, April 14, 2009


There are times when I forget that Scott is a firefighter. Seriously. I just think in my head oh, he's at work. I really forget what he does.

Then there are times when I notice things he does. For example, a couple of months ago, a car was crushed by a gravel truck. I have the ability to watch straight from the cameras here at work, so I got to see a lot of the footage. I notice Scott was there. Then a little while later he called, said he took some pictures. Ok, so that isn't a big deal right. He worked a major wreck, it happens.

Then less than a week ago, there are wildfires on the other side of Fort Worth. I know that they will send a group from Dallas. I never in my wildest dreams thought Scott would go. I mean hello, there are 50-something stations in Dallas, there are a lot of choices. So when Scott calls to say, he is on the list to go, but it doesn't look likely. I think nothing really of it. Then he calls to say, he has to meet up at the Academy at 7:00, he is going. (it was 6:20) So I get on the phone with Emily to go get him extra insulin and snacks. He is diabetic but that will not get in his way of being a firefighter. So my lovely, excellent sister jumps in her car and takes him the things he needs. He is off. I didn't get to see him before he went, I didn't see him at all, since he left for work at 6:00am that morning. But still, I don't worry. I know he could be there a while. I am ok with that. He loves his job. I love mine. We support each other. Scott fought so many grassfires in Nacogdoches, that I know he knows what he's doing.

He gets home, safe and sound. Just a little tired.

But then... On Easter morning in Houston, two firefighters died in a one story house fire. A vet and a rookie (on his very first fire). I don't know these guys or their families. But I feel like I do. I know that they probably thought like I do, that they are fine. It is so cliche but you never know!

I know in a few months I will go back to not noticing that Scott is a firefighter, well except the soot smell and stained clothing. I will fall back into my routine. I love what he does. Well, I love that he loves what he does.

I will post some pictures of my wonderful fireman from the wildfires.


Lindsay said...

We do need to do lunch again!

Sandy said...

I sometimes forget too how dangerous a job he has. I pray for God's hedge of protection to surround him and his colleagues on his work days. Some days are quiet and some not so quiet.