Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Joy of....Cleaning...

It is therapeutic. Well at least to me! It is hard for me to get rid of things that were my babies.

But I have learning that there is nothing they can really do with an old bouncy seat. Yes, they can make each other fly through the air but you know... nothing productive!

So I have spent a good amount of time gathering things for a garage sale. I have a very love/hate relationship with garage sales! I love getting the space cleared and making a little bit of money. I hate when people sneer their noses at the great clothes that my child wore the first time they went to the mountains!

(Except for the fact I kept special clothes like that in my ONE box I am allowing myself to keep!)

But you get the idea. I have memories of my babies in all the clothes, so when someone sneers at them and says, "25 cents?" expect me to snap back, "No! It is a dollar!" Because if it doesn't sell at this garage sale, I will sell it at a consignment sale that I will get my dollar!

Ok. That was nice and therapeutic also!

Today, I moved all the garage sale items to one side of the garage. This by no means means (funny words <-- ) that my garage is "clean" to the standard I want it to be. But it does look good! I have a couple of areas I still want to go through before this weekend. But I am well on my way!

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