Friday, June 5, 2009

Here is a quick picture post.

We had our annual photo for the grandparents. It was nice. The kiddos looked great!

I love S's hair! I love being able to put pigtails in it!

And noticeably missing are my wonderful nieces. Not gonna comment on that any further!!!!!

J had his last day of preschool! How exciting! On the last day they hold a picnic...

S really enjoyed the swings!

Katie! Finally a picture with her not telling me "No!"

Jackson and Bryce! I am going to miss that boy. He is quite funny!

J and his school mates climbing.

And last but not least........ Mr. Brian was able to HOLD S! And I have proof!

If you don't already know. S does NOT like Mr. Brian. For the longest time, every time she sees him she would scream. Not sure why? But it was funny. Then slowly, she would just bury her head in us, so he couldn't see her. Then she would look with only one eye. The one day she just didn't run crying! I thought we were making progress! Finally he got a smile. And now... Well, see for yourself. She finally got brave enough to see him up close.
Silly baby!

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