Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I love summer-time. Playing outside, pools, bbq, family, fun and fireflies. I have enjoyed finding fireflies with J. Scott has caught a couple, so J has seen them up close. So cool.

So this Saturday I am going to have a garage sale. I am nervous, feel like I am not ready for it but whatever. I am going to do it! Tomorrow I will clean out the upstairs. Everything that is garage sale material is being stored in the dining room. Thursday (while S sleeps) I hope to get some of the garage done. Then Friday will be a total catch up day to get ready. I am kind of nervous but what can I do. I am going to have it in the front yard. I need to make signs and go to the city for sign permits. Why is it so difficult? But I don't want to not have a permit and have the code lady pull up my sign!

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