Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun. Family. Fourth.

I have to say sometimes I do get tired of hosting family functions. That is until people start showing up.

I love having family over at our house to celebrate events. I am very big on celebrating life events with food, family and fun. Growing up we always had family birthdays. It was a given. It still baffles me when families do not have family birthday parties. We are adults who still have family birthday parties. Now as adults I would rather it be a less present oriented more celebrate family and life. It is slowly starting to turn this way.

Our 4th of July celebration was scheduled to begin at 5 ish, so I began trying new recipes early. I figured I could prepare things and then just pop them in the oven at the last minute. Worked well. Though S and I didn't quite have the most relaxing day, but that is ok. It was worth it!

I think we had the perfect blend of way too much food but good times with family.

The best part... We don't have another family event for a while! Yes! A bit of a break. Though we were going to remodel our downstairs bathroom. It is going to have to wait. We are investing that little bit of money into August!

I don't know what it is about us but we love our little family. I can't imagine spending time without them! They are the perfect blend of sweet and sassy.

Here is hoping for a restful July. And one that isn't too hot. Our poor A/C has been working overtime.

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