Friday, August 21, 2009

Last Weekend

This weekend marks the end of 'baby' time for J. He will be starting kindergarten on Monday! I can't believe it. I am not sure if I am any more nervous than he is. He seems so laid back and ready to for school.

Though there have been some bumps getting us there. The other day Scott and I were cuddling with our big kid and began explaining to him what school would be like. We told him he could eat in the cafeteria or bring his lunch from home. The would get to go to the playground to play. He would learn a lot of things!

Then we ask him if he had any questions or if he had any concerns about going. He said, "When do I get to watch my shows?" Oh poor baby! Your life of tv watching is over! I am a fan of television. Um, hello, yea I get paid for it! I allow him probably more tv than he should watch but not too much. I am excited that he loves Batman and questions what the real powers of Wolverine. But I am so much more excited about school.

Going to school offers children so much. It isn't 100% about the education. It is the getting along with others. Being nice even though you are having to work with someone you don't like. Rules of the playground. How to deal with mean kids. How to deal with mean teachers. How to be the man we want him to be when we aren't around. I know we can teach him a lot. I mean we have multiple BA's between us. We can't teach him what we don't know though. That is why I am excited to send him off for hours a day.

I can't wait to hear what he did that day. Who is choosing for friends. What special things he is doing in school.

And not to mention the fact that WE WILL BE SO INVOLVED! That is my goal and it is already coming true! Scott is going to be PTA PRESIDENT! Yea. Kind of cool! He is such a devoted dad! I love it.

Some people have commented that it is odd. He is a MAN (really?)! Then you get the people who are so excited because him stepping up might bring more dads to be involved in their child's life. I hope so! Every parent should want to do all they can to be involved in their kids lives!

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