Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Road Trip - 2009

So we have been planning a road trip since about April. The reason for our road trip was to see a shuttle launch. Unfortunetly due to circumstances beyond our control our launch got pushed back until the end of August. Well Scott couldn't change his vacation so we had to work with what we had. Our first plan was to go from Dallas to Savannah, Ga to Cape Canaveral, Fl. Well after the launch was delayed we decided to change up our plans.

I love doing things out of the ordinary, being different. One day I was looking at an old National Geographic Traveler, greatest drives of a lifetime. FLORIDA KEYS. So I was dead-set and determined to make that two three hour drive. So our plan was to leave *earlyyyyy* on Saturday, spend the night half-ish way then drive the rest of the way to Key West.

So I planned and planned. Looked at tripadvisor more than any crazy mother should. Picked a hotel, picked a different hotel, counted pennies, picked a third hotel, wondered if we really could live on hot dogs for a couple of weeks and then it all feel into place. We would still go to the Cape Canaveral area, more specially south to Melbourne Beach. We found the best family hotel Doubletree Hotel Melbourne Beach! (Seriously, it was perfect for our family of four).

So with that in mind I am going to post a series recap of our vacation. I will begin today detailing for anyone who thinks they can not travel with children (even TODDLERS!) for long distances. I am detailing to remind people that you can have an old fashioned family vacation. To shout from the rooftops that you can even do it on a semi shoe-string budget.

So hold on to your hats as I fish into my memory that longggggggg car ride, amazing views, fun snuggles with my baby, getting knocked down in the Atlantic with my boy and having a overall perfect vacation with my family.

p.s. we still like each other after this vacation!

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