Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 12: The evil sneeze.

Great day! Low 2 pain level. I can almost drink an entire gulp. But it is actually more like a big sip.


6pm when I sneezed! Oh my goodness! Scabs went flying around in my mouth and it started to bleed.

Oh, how I don't like blood in my throat. Very scary but it wasn't bad. I am terrified to sneeze again.

I only have one more day until I go back to work.

Day 8 - 11: Busy, sick, not feely good days

Day 8:

Throat pain: Yes. Not so bad, but still annoying. Scabs coming off, ouch.

Day 9: My first day alone with the kids. Scott had to go back to work. It was a little hard getting up, but I did. I didn't take pain medicine until after S and I got back from dropping J off at school. I am down to only one during the day. S napped well though, so it wasn't so bad. Pizza for dinner but I didn't eat any. I am still a little chicken. I tried sleeping on my bed, ouch! laying flat still hurts too much. pain level a good 3.

Day 10: Oh busy day. Gymnastics, t-ball practice and a birthday party. Let's just say by the birthday party I had my fever. I have seemed to get a fever when I do too much. My very own body telling me I don't feel good! Other than that. I went back to sleeping on the couch. It seems to feel the best. throat pain level still good 3.

Day 11: I actually feel better, everything except my throat. But my throat felt like a 2. Not so bad I might feel normal some time! I hope so.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 7: Tonsillectomy

I am REALLY tired of blogging about my tonsillectomy. I am really tired of being really tired from my tonsillectomy. I am just ready for this recovery process to be over.

The problem with recovery for me is the fact that I am not patient. I am really trying to learn. It is hard for me. I would much rather be mowing the lawn, steam cleaning the floors, picking up stuff, finishing my paiting projects but I can't do any of that. I have to sit and relax. I have been able to play with S but I get tired very easily. She is a good sport though, she likes to just sit in my lap.

So instead of today complaining that my pain level is at a nice 3 and giving details about how the scabs are starting to peel off. I am going to tell you what a great husband I have!

He has been supportive during this entire process. He has gone out of his way to make me comfortable. He has taken 110% control of all things house and child related. I know that some people will say, isn't that what he is suppose to do, well yes it is but he has been so great about it. Also, I am greatful for it. I don't like asking him to do everything, so he does without me asking. He doesn't complain or sit on his rump until piles of things need to be done.

Now I have tried to do my part, I keep my one glass of water clean :) I also try to stay out of his way by sleeping A LOT too.

So as I wrap up this cute little post about how great my husband is. I can only think of ways to make him comfy and happy when I am all better. Humm, not too hard to come up with something!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 6: Ouch.

Well, I hate to say it but it's true. There is some not nice pain after day 5. Yes. There I said it. Now it isn't horrible, but it is pretty much the worst sore throat pain you can ever imagine. Plus the fact that you can't eat anything and can hardly drink anything. And then there is the fact that the scabs are starting to move or come off, or just dance around in the back of your mouth hurting really bad.

So yea, that is it. I have slept a bit today. I did get to take J to school, not bad. I didn't get to pick him up. I will try again tomorrow. Who knows. One website said that one day you wake up feeling normal again. Oh, I can't wait for that day!

Day 5: Pain medicine, oh how I love thee...

Really! I do. You don't really notice how much you love it until you sleep through your next dose. Then wake up in P A I N! Yep, bad. I would say a pain scale of 7 or 8. Ouchie.

I started taking only one pill, which hurt but wasn't so bad. I am trying to ween of the medicine. We will see how it goes!

Today was uncomfortable compared to other days. I just couldn't get comfy. I went with Scott to pick J up from school. I was alright until we got in the car to head to his doctor appointment. The kiddos had their flu shots today, yea! I got car sick and just plain didn't feel good. That is until I crawled back up onto my couch with my eyes closed. I really underestimated what kind of surgery it is when I think, oh it is nothing just tonsils. Um. No silly, that is still a major surgery. I guess I just don't want to be a whiner. You know the kind who gets all complainy over little things. I really am not a fan of the complainer.

Another quick odditie from today. Tonight when I took my pain medicine I took two so I could sleep well. Man did it feel good. I was able to eat some rolls and not cry whilst eating. Then it hit me and I was out. It is weird this medicine doesn't make me drowsy, it knocks me out. Because here I am awake only 2 hours after being knocked out. I am still tired but I don't feel like I did. Weird huh!

I suppose we will see how tomorrow feels? Hopefully better because I don't want to take more time off work but I do want to heal properly. I will decide on Wednesday if I need a few more days or not.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 4: Don't get too comfortable!!!!

There really isn't much different from day 2 to day 4. My tonsils are still gone, the old home they used to live in is very sore and now my lovely jaw came to join to sore party.

Yes just like the doctor warned about if you do not eat a lot then your jaw will get sore. That was not just a warning. I tried eating something else, some very smushy french fries. I ate 3 and that was torture. I fall back on my old faithful jello.

Today I also tried some mashed potatos and a peice of bread. It was pretty good. I needed to drink after each bite but it worked.

So like I said, there is just not much different. I am still tired, hungry and sore. My pain level is (with medicine) about 2 to 3. I still have the same feelings I did with a very sore throat or strep. Without medicine the pain level jumps to about a 6 or 7. The pain also radiates to the ears and back of the jaw.

It can only get better from here right?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 3: Oh sleep, oh sleep

Day 3 started off a little painful. I didn't sleep very comfortably, so I think that affected my throat. Scott had to work today, so my favorite mother-in-law was kind enough to take care of me and the kiddos!

I think the kids are having a great time since she is here. I have felt more tired today than yesterday. I am not sure if it is the medicine, pain or rain. I really wish I could be outside enjoying this weather. The high is suppose to be only 75. Since I haven't been out of my chair much, I don't really know. I did take a shower today. That was nice, a little dizzy but it was nice to feel refreshed.

So far my pain level is only at 3 or 4. It is not unbearable, but it does kind of hurt to swallow. It is only 3:30 pm so I will see how the rest of my day goes. Right now I just feel like going back to bed. Well, my recliner chair that is acting as a bed since I don't wnat try laying down.

UPDATED: 9:00pm

So much of the same. Sleepy, tired, hungry, sore. The words that describe me. My pain level is really not bad right now. Sometime today I was able to breath out of my nose again. This makes life considerably easier. I do feel like there is food in the back of my throat or something just sitting back there. You can't really fix that. I drink my water or fluids regularly. I don't feel as if my mouth is drying out at all. When I swallow, I feel sore from the back of my throat around my tongue and towards my teeth. It doesn't hurt per se, but it is not easy. I have not had to take care of the kids today, again thanks to my mother in law. I have been in an out of sleep. It is nice to feel so rested. I have also not slowed down on my pain medicine yet. When I get to the end of a cycle I can feel my tongue start to swell up. I am pushing it a little but not much to begin with. I am not trying to be a tonsillectomy hero, I just want to make it through the pain. I am pretty sure I can handle it.

One funny fact is that I have not been able to read any part of the two magazines I bought. I planned on enjoying them, but I can't seem to focus on any part of them. Which is funny that I am writing this. I don't know how funny it will be to read in a couple of days when the medication has worn off. Oh well. I only ever found one descriptive blog about how the pain would feel so I want to make sure people aren't terrified to have this done. It really isn't so bad.

Day 2: Adios Tonsils

Day 2 started off decent. I woke up every few hours to either take medicine and drink water or just to drink water. From what I had read it would feel like I was trying to drink lead with a brick at the back of my throat. It actually felt like I had a sore throat and was drinking water.

A few things I have learned today:

Somewhat cool water is best as oppose to water with a lot of ice.

My neck feels better on the inside when I have ice on the outside.

There are tons of fast food commercials on tv when you can't eat real food.

In the morning my pain level was about a 4. I would say, moderately discomfortable but it was not so bad that every time I swallowed I wanted to cry. My teeth felt a little sore when I pushed them with my tongue. The doctors said I would feel that because of the instrument used to keep my mouth open. I google it, before the surgery (I wouldn't recommend that!)

Scott got the children off to school. Today was picture day for J. I am really not too sure about what he was wearing but it was a polo shirt. S went for a second day of SunShine School (Thanks Em and Mrs. Mary) so Scott could help out with picture day. In return we saved $30 on pictures. Not a bad deal.

I was home alone from 7:45am until about noon. I kept up with my drugs and fell asleep on and off. I fell asleep for eating my eggs. So when I woke up they were nice and cold. It is kind of funny waiting for your food to get cold. Usually we are trying to eat before it gets cold. Anyways. I can eat eggs as long as I take a sip of water after every bite or so. That is kind of funny. They tasted good. The eggs did feel like they were lingering in the back of my throat. Nothing a little water couldn't handle.

I tried some regular pudding but it seemed to not make it down ok. I put it back after one bite. I could eat the yoplait whips though. They were light enough to make it down and not hurt.

The rest of day 2 was pretty much like the beginning of day 2. Drink, medicine and sleep, ice pack, tiny bits of potato soup, water, sleep.

Scott's mom came over today. Since Scott will be working tomorrow (saturday) we felt he could go to work as long as I had someone to wrangle the children. Sandy and my mom voluneteered to do some wrangling. So Sandy is staying over here from tonight (Friday) until Scott gets home on Sunday morning. I hope her beautiful grandkids are still beautiful when she leaves :) Though we did get another good report on S from school. It seems when she walked into the sancutary for chapel, she realized where she was. Then proceeded to scream DADDY and run to the piano. Poor S-Bug! When she got over the fact that Daddy wasn't actually there, she did start singing with the other kiddos. The only difference is S only has about 20 words. Oh well, she can praise however she wishs!

So with that I am going to end the boring non-eventual, non painful day 2.

I would like to thank the ladies at our church who brought me some potato soup and Scott and the kids chicken. I really liked my soup, but their chicken smelled so good. I didn't try it though. A bit scared.

I would also like to thank Ms. Mary who brought me popsicles! You can always tell a true friend when she knows I can't say much but comes over anyways! I really like the popsicles.

(Also I would like to apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. It is one am and I am on some REALLY good medicine!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

The crazy adventures through a Tonsillectomy...

When I finally gave in to having my tonsils out, I started internet scare-search. What is scare-search you say? It is where you look up conditions on the internet and scare yourself from what other write. I found 1 detailed blog on tonsillectomies. I found MANY message boards though. So I vowed to write on my blog about each day of my recovery from my tonsillectomy.

Day 1: Dooms-Day

My appointment was schedule for 7:30 am, please be at the hospital by 5:30. Ok easy enough, then the day before I keep getting calls telling me later and later times. My final arrival time became 9:00 am and surgery would be at 11:00am.

Scott and I take J to school and drop S off with Emily. (I am very blessed to have family to help me during these times!)

We arrive at the hospital and wait for the final registration. It is funny how our doctors office said they hospital would bill us yet when we make it there the patient rep forcefully asked us for our payment in full. When I told her that I wouldn't be able to make the fully payment today, she gave me the whatever-you-are-a-loser-who-can-not-pay stare. She then said she could split it into three payments. Ok, we settled on that. Then I ask her what happened to the people who couldn't pay that much when they come it. And in the nicest I'm-already-swiping-your-debit-card type way she said, "Oh then we just bill the person and they can pay later!" OUCH!

After I was duped into paying my third before my insurance negotiated rate I was called back to pre-op. Standard procedures, put this little tiny cloth on that ties in the back. The only problem with that is that my arms don't work backwards and I couldn't tie it. Then I had to pee in the cup, to make sure I wasn't pregnant. I told my nurse if I was, then I would be getting a refund on a very painful procedure!

My nurse told me that she would bring my husband back there to wait with me. So by the time Scott gets back there, they are calling me up to go to the room. Scott didn't have to wait alone though, his dad came to sit with him. Have I mentioned how awesome my parents and in-laws are?

Due to a lack of bedding, I am taken to a bed in the post-op recovery room. This is NOT the place you want to be PRE-op. I heard more than my fair share of growning and pain. Yes, this is the place to make someone wait for 30 minutes. It really helped me get pumped for surgery!

My doctor came to visit a couple of times, then the anesthesiogist came in and introduced himself. My surgery nurse came in and said it was time. By this time my nerves were jumping out of my skin. All I remember is reading on the internet about the pain people were in afterwards. How unbearable and horrible it was. Then I remembered, wait I have to get an IV first, I hate iv's.

Now I am wheeled into O.R. 1 and asked to move over to the smaller table. Freezing cold room, I tell you! Anesthesiologist started my iv, which wasn't bad, he was pretty good at it then I looked over at my nurse and saw there were two of her. Then looked up at the nice pretty lights that had also double in number.


I woke up in recovery asking for water. I hadn't opened my eyes yet, I just knew I was sitting somewhat up and I was asking for water. So my post-op nurse gave me a small glass of water, which was not unbearable. I just felt like I had a sore throat. And compared to my strep that I have had really wasn't worse than that. I then opened my eye. Yes, I said eye. For some reason I could only open one at a time. I heard my nurse tell me that I woke up "right" after surgery. I didn't remember a thing! I know that you don't but for some reason in the back of my head I think I might not get put under the right way. Yea, I know too many movies.

So I was moved downstairs in to the recovery room. I asked for some more water and my new nurse asked if I wanted a popsicle. YES! Then she asked if orange was ok. Um, I am not picky, just give me something cold. But I didn't say it like that :) So had a popsicle which was great, then a little water, then another popsicle. I woke up feeling very thirsty. She also gave me some liquid medicine. It was not bad at all. I was nervous about going home to pills but at the time I didn't care. ( I think that is why they dope you up before leaving) Then she asked if I needed to go to the bathroom. I said no. She said, you have to go to the bathroom before you go home. I told her she should have lead with that. I got up, not dizzy or queezzy at all. Did my business and was told I could get dressed and go.

The ride home was hot. It was rather a warm day. We arrived home at around 2pm. I had everything ready so I climbed into my chair with my ice packs loosely around my neck. Scott went to go fill my perscriptions and pick up the kiddos.

My throat felt like there was something in the back of it but didn't hurst too bad. I didn't not expect to not be able to breathe out of my nose though. I don't remember that being said in any blogs. Scott later told me when my doctor came out to see him that she said I might be in slightly more pain that other patients because they were HUGE. He said she got very animated trying to explain how big they were. She also told him how they were putting pressure on my vulva so that would be more swollen that if they weren't so big.

The kids got home, J ran over to hug my arm. That boy is very considerate. S went straight to a nap. I was told he had fun at school. I am glad.

Later that evening I had some popsicles and then I had some very cooled down potato soup, made from instant flakes. It was very good! I kept drinking my water. My pills aren't hard to take as long as I just let the water flow.

Swallowing feels odd, but nothing worse that a sore throat. I am going to keep the ice packs around my neck until I feel I should take them off, which my doctor said about 2 days would be fine, but just stay comfortable.

Scott and I slept downstairs, closer to the ice and reclining chairs. I read somewhere that you shouldn't lay flat for the first two days. We woke up every 4 fours for medicine and every 2 hours to drink some fluids. I will not let myself get dehydrated. Apparently that is bad and I would rather not know how it feels!

I would say Day I was a success!