Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 2: Adios Tonsils

Day 2 started off decent. I woke up every few hours to either take medicine and drink water or just to drink water. From what I had read it would feel like I was trying to drink lead with a brick at the back of my throat. It actually felt like I had a sore throat and was drinking water.

A few things I have learned today:

Somewhat cool water is best as oppose to water with a lot of ice.

My neck feels better on the inside when I have ice on the outside.

There are tons of fast food commercials on tv when you can't eat real food.

In the morning my pain level was about a 4. I would say, moderately discomfortable but it was not so bad that every time I swallowed I wanted to cry. My teeth felt a little sore when I pushed them with my tongue. The doctors said I would feel that because of the instrument used to keep my mouth open. I google it, before the surgery (I wouldn't recommend that!)

Scott got the children off to school. Today was picture day for J. I am really not too sure about what he was wearing but it was a polo shirt. S went for a second day of SunShine School (Thanks Em and Mrs. Mary) so Scott could help out with picture day. In return we saved $30 on pictures. Not a bad deal.

I was home alone from 7:45am until about noon. I kept up with my drugs and fell asleep on and off. I fell asleep for eating my eggs. So when I woke up they were nice and cold. It is kind of funny waiting for your food to get cold. Usually we are trying to eat before it gets cold. Anyways. I can eat eggs as long as I take a sip of water after every bite or so. That is kind of funny. They tasted good. The eggs did feel like they were lingering in the back of my throat. Nothing a little water couldn't handle.

I tried some regular pudding but it seemed to not make it down ok. I put it back after one bite. I could eat the yoplait whips though. They were light enough to make it down and not hurt.

The rest of day 2 was pretty much like the beginning of day 2. Drink, medicine and sleep, ice pack, tiny bits of potato soup, water, sleep.

Scott's mom came over today. Since Scott will be working tomorrow (saturday) we felt he could go to work as long as I had someone to wrangle the children. Sandy and my mom voluneteered to do some wrangling. So Sandy is staying over here from tonight (Friday) until Scott gets home on Sunday morning. I hope her beautiful grandkids are still beautiful when she leaves :) Though we did get another good report on S from school. It seems when she walked into the sancutary for chapel, she realized where she was. Then proceeded to scream DADDY and run to the piano. Poor S-Bug! When she got over the fact that Daddy wasn't actually there, she did start singing with the other kiddos. The only difference is S only has about 20 words. Oh well, she can praise however she wishs!

So with that I am going to end the boring non-eventual, non painful day 2.

I would like to thank the ladies at our church who brought me some potato soup and Scott and the kids chicken. I really liked my soup, but their chicken smelled so good. I didn't try it though. A bit scared.

I would also like to thank Ms. Mary who brought me popsicles! You can always tell a true friend when she knows I can't say much but comes over anyways! I really like the popsicles.

(Also I would like to apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. It is one am and I am on some REALLY good medicine!)

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