Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 3: Oh sleep, oh sleep

Day 3 started off a little painful. I didn't sleep very comfortably, so I think that affected my throat. Scott had to work today, so my favorite mother-in-law was kind enough to take care of me and the kiddos!

I think the kids are having a great time since she is here. I have felt more tired today than yesterday. I am not sure if it is the medicine, pain or rain. I really wish I could be outside enjoying this weather. The high is suppose to be only 75. Since I haven't been out of my chair much, I don't really know. I did take a shower today. That was nice, a little dizzy but it was nice to feel refreshed.

So far my pain level is only at 3 or 4. It is not unbearable, but it does kind of hurt to swallow. It is only 3:30 pm so I will see how the rest of my day goes. Right now I just feel like going back to bed. Well, my recliner chair that is acting as a bed since I don't wnat try laying down.

UPDATED: 9:00pm

So much of the same. Sleepy, tired, hungry, sore. The words that describe me. My pain level is really not bad right now. Sometime today I was able to breath out of my nose again. This makes life considerably easier. I do feel like there is food in the back of my throat or something just sitting back there. You can't really fix that. I drink my water or fluids regularly. I don't feel as if my mouth is drying out at all. When I swallow, I feel sore from the back of my throat around my tongue and towards my teeth. It doesn't hurt per se, but it is not easy. I have not had to take care of the kids today, again thanks to my mother in law. I have been in an out of sleep. It is nice to feel so rested. I have also not slowed down on my pain medicine yet. When I get to the end of a cycle I can feel my tongue start to swell up. I am pushing it a little but not much to begin with. I am not trying to be a tonsillectomy hero, I just want to make it through the pain. I am pretty sure I can handle it.

One funny fact is that I have not been able to read any part of the two magazines I bought. I planned on enjoying them, but I can't seem to focus on any part of them. Which is funny that I am writing this. I don't know how funny it will be to read in a couple of days when the medication has worn off. Oh well. I only ever found one descriptive blog about how the pain would feel so I want to make sure people aren't terrified to have this done. It really isn't so bad.

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