Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 7: Tonsillectomy

I am REALLY tired of blogging about my tonsillectomy. I am really tired of being really tired from my tonsillectomy. I am just ready for this recovery process to be over.

The problem with recovery for me is the fact that I am not patient. I am really trying to learn. It is hard for me. I would much rather be mowing the lawn, steam cleaning the floors, picking up stuff, finishing my paiting projects but I can't do any of that. I have to sit and relax. I have been able to play with S but I get tired very easily. She is a good sport though, she likes to just sit in my lap.

So instead of today complaining that my pain level is at a nice 3 and giving details about how the scabs are starting to peel off. I am going to tell you what a great husband I have!

He has been supportive during this entire process. He has gone out of his way to make me comfortable. He has taken 110% control of all things house and child related. I know that some people will say, isn't that what he is suppose to do, well yes it is but he has been so great about it. Also, I am greatful for it. I don't like asking him to do everything, so he does without me asking. He doesn't complain or sit on his rump until piles of things need to be done.

Now I have tried to do my part, I keep my one glass of water clean :) I also try to stay out of his way by sleeping A LOT too.

So as I wrap up this cute little post about how great my husband is. I can only think of ways to make him comfy and happy when I am all better. Humm, not too hard to come up with something!

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Sandy said...

So, how is it going on day 11? I know you must be feeling stronger and are doing more, but how is the throat?