Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 8 - 11: Busy, sick, not feely good days

Day 8:

Throat pain: Yes. Not so bad, but still annoying. Scabs coming off, ouch.

Day 9: My first day alone with the kids. Scott had to go back to work. It was a little hard getting up, but I did. I didn't take pain medicine until after S and I got back from dropping J off at school. I am down to only one during the day. S napped well though, so it wasn't so bad. Pizza for dinner but I didn't eat any. I am still a little chicken. I tried sleeping on my bed, ouch! laying flat still hurts too much. pain level a good 3.

Day 10: Oh busy day. Gymnastics, t-ball practice and a birthday party. Let's just say by the birthday party I had my fever. I have seemed to get a fever when I do too much. My very own body telling me I don't feel good! Other than that. I went back to sleeping on the couch. It seems to feel the best. throat pain level still good 3.

Day 11: I actually feel better, everything except my throat. But my throat felt like a 2. Not so bad I might feel normal some time! I hope so.

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