Sunday, November 8, 2009

How much can we do as Mother's?

This question seems to be brought up everywhere. There are always perfect answers to this question. You need to be able to do lots of things. You need to keep your house beautiful, kids happy, husband happy and make sure you do it with a smile.

Our house is not, by far, the best kept. But my son doesn't freak out if he spills his water in the kitchen. He knows that if he wants to play with my measuring spoons and water he can. When he tells me what fractions they are and that four of the 1/4th tsp equals 1 tsp, then I KNOW I am doing it right. But it still hurts when I see anothers house that is perfect. How can they keep their house perfect with no spots on the carpet?

Some days I wish I had a housekeeper but I realize that I can do it all. I can do all that I am able to do. And I mostly do it well. When I don't, well whatever. Who is going to judge me? God. And I doubt that God will chastis me for not having things put up or arranged perfectly. He is going to see that we pray with my child and he adds that prayers for the sick and needy. The only one who matters sees that I am taking the time to take my kids places and to be with them when I am.

See, I wasn't even able to blog every day this month, but I am not going to let it get me down! What is the point? I am going to still relax because today I had a great day with the ones I love.

And because my baby got on stage at church tonight to sing a song that he didn't know. And that he wasn't scared because he knew he was singing for Jesus. I have the best 5 3/4 year old there is!

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