Thursday, December 31, 2009

As one year closes...

This has been a pretty good year. Luckily we have not had any life changing revelations or directional changes. We have been happy and content for almost the entire year.


Now we have had our moments: tight on money, busy schedules, etc. Compared to what some people go through we are doing great.

We have two of the happiest children.

Our boy started kindergarten. He does not love school but he is good at school. That is all I can really ask for. I mean come on, wouldn't you rather be at home all day in your pajamas instead of in school? That's what I thought! He is doing very well in school. I am so proud of him. He has made some friends, some classmates he doesn't like. I really like that he is ok at expressing that he doesn't like some of the people. We all don't like people. He is learning that you have to work with people no matter what. All in all, our boy is doing well.

This year he was able to swim with dolphins. I hope it is a memory that will last a long time. He was very timid around the dolphin. Yeah, I know they are kind of scary upclose, especially to a 5 year old. He added Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida to his list of states visited.

Our baby girl has grown this year too. She turned one, walks no runs everywhere. She is into as much as she possibily can be, sassy with attitude. I love that little monkey. One of her favorite spots is on top of the table. She is a toot who loves everything unless she doesn't. Boy will she let you know if she doesn't. She is our naked child. With the turn of a head she can get off any and all clothing, shoes, socks, duck taped diapers. There is nothing that is on that girl unless she wants it to be. Stubborn? Just a bit.

So to this past year, thanks for being good to our little family. We had a great time driving to Key West, having holidays with family, working (well, you know), sending our first born to school and just having fun with our babies.

To this next year, please be good to us. We will do our best to enjoy the time we have as a family. Not to overschedule our lives with our children's activities, but to enjoy the little time we have together.

It was a good one 2009, bring on 2010!

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