Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

As you can tell this holiday season has been busy! I haven't had any time to post a blog. But I have been thinking about it!

Does thinking about it make it better?
No? I didn't think so.

I was off for FOUR days in a row! Actually 6 but I don't count the weekends that I am normally off. We didn't go anywhere on a vacation, I got to just be off work and at home. Priceless I tell you!

Christmas Eve we visited with my family (mom's side), it is a tradition. We had a great time, kids played, parents talked and when we left to head home it was SNOWING! In North Texas! Can you believe it?
So when we got home, THIS!

Beautiful! I kept thinking it wouldn't stay until the morning. For once, I was very glad I was wrong!
So we were able to wake up to this on Christmas morning!

The kiddos had a wonderful morning with more presents than I care to think about. This year, though, mom and dad made out well as well. In years past it has been all about the kids but we are finally getting to a place where parents are getting some nice presents as well! Luckily we don't have many big purchases a year, though I do want a new lens before spring! I will have to work, work, work to get it!
Next up... New Year's!

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