Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flu...or maybe not...or maybe so

Wednesday: slight headache. feels like sinus pressure

Wednesday night: Home from work, take temp. 102.9

Wednesday midnight: 103

Thursday Morning: 103.4

Cold medicine. makes it bounce up and down but not below 101.

Friday: still above 101

seriously the earliest doc appoint is at 4?

Sleep/wait it out.

Wait at doc for 1 hour argh. Nose swab negative but it still might be the flu.

"I will prescribe tamiflu, if it works it was the flu if it doesn't come back Monday.

Saturday: fever between 99 and 101. not too bad

maybe after the full tamiflu I will feel better.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Best... Action


I am a faithful person. I am not sure I am by nature. I like to question the what I am told. I like to understand things from all sides and points of view. I also don't like being told to believe something without reason.

This is going to sound funny but I don't want my kids to choose my religion just because that is what Scott and I believe. I want them to WANT to believe in our religion. If they don't believe and make the concious choice to believe themselves then I don't know if it will be true.

Anyhow. (By the way, you know that movie the Break-up. "I want you to WANT to do the dishes." "Why would I WANT to do dishes" Yea that had nothing to do with anything but hey this is my thoughts!)

In the past few months I have seen the power of prayer. Not many people ever have to opportunity to actually see it. I think I was blessed. I think I needed it. (I know that is selfish but whatever)

The first way I saw prayer was through a child. I have only meet this child a few times but I know his mom. Scratch that, knew and kindda still know due to social networking, we went to high school together. This child got very sick. There were many times they thought he wouldn't make it hours. Once I heard the news, via facebook, I started praying. I also asked my friends to pray. Prayer spread throughtout many people. You could feel these prayers. The child is a survivor due in large part to his prayer warriors (and wonderful doctors!). People who prayed constinently for him. Some had never met him. That didn't matter.

Another has been on-going. It has been in me. I have taken the time to stop and pray when I need to. Not when someone else needs me to. If I hear that someone is sick or having a rough time. They don't need to ask. I already prayed.

My brain is wandering. Goodnight!

What is funny is that I have learned so much and accepted it. I have learned that sometimes you pray for specific actions. Other times you pray that God's will happens and that God makes the people around understand. Sometimes you just pray not wanting a resolution, sometimes you do.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best... Vacation planning #1 and letdown...

I know this isn't a nice BEST.

Here is my first vacation plan... Yellowstone...

Car rental - $549.33
Gas - guestimating $600 (I like to overbudget the gas, it helps you not getting stuck somewhere!)

Driving - Dallas - Salina, KS - Denver, CO - Caspar, WY- Dubois, WY - Yellowstone! Total mileage 1491m. or in Texas speak: 1 day 2 hours. (yes. 26 hours! one way!)

Now is the fun part. Lodging.

This is where I am now realizing that I don't think we can afford to go to Yellowstone. The lodging is CRAZY! You know, it doesn't help that we plan on going during the busy season. Still man! If only I was comfortable sleeping in a cabin and using communal showers/toilets. Which is funny because, I AM!

BUT... I don't think my 2 year old is. OR my 6 year old who is used to getting up and going whenever he needs. I am not making 58 trips to a communal toilet!

So here is the most reasonable for me. Lake Yellowstone. Frontier Cabin. 5 nights - $750

Meals - We can survive on around $300 for the week.

Etc. Expenses - $400 (you know park fees, stick souvenior that we can afford by stopping on the side of the road and picking it up!)

So. Roundabout total for a vacation for a family of 4 to Yellowstone....


Huh. Not bad. Now that I look at a total it is kind of do-able. We spent a couple hundred less than that going to Key West. But then again we also spend a day at Disney. Swam with Dolphins. Saw a shuttle on the launch pad. and did nothing for the other 3 days. (scratches head with a slight eyebrow raise)

Though would it be worth it with a 2 year old at Yellowstone? or wait til she is 3 or 4? If we wait we could 'swing' by Mount Rushmore!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best...Photo of the Day...

Today I had a new BEST. I was able to photograph a friends newborn. (Well, he is three weeks old!) Due to unforseen circumstances, this was the earliest I could get my hands on him.

 Isn't he cute!

Oh! The cheeks!

This photo says alot to me about life.

This little guys parents are faithful Christians. I know they wouldn't admit or agree but they really are a family to look up too!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Best... use of the brain at work.

I am trying to find a new vacation spot to visit this year. Why is this such a hard decision? I want to go somewhere new.

I want to go somewhere we have never been before. Which should be easy since we haven't been many places. So why on earth is this so difficult?

Oh yea, we forgot and cut down the money tree that used to grow in our backyard. I guess we got too tired of racking up the dollar leaves.

If you have any experience trying to plan a fun family vacation for two children on a relatively tight budget please toss me your ideas.

I like classic places. I REALLY want to go to Yellowstone. I am just not sure between the car rental, gas and hotels if it will be a reality this year. (Remember we are also on a three year debt pay off plan).

J wants to go to the mountains. I do too. But will S have a good time. She will only be 2? Should I not worry if she does and focus on the fact that J will? Is he going to lose valuable age appropriate travel because S is too young?

No. She will have fun anywhere (as long as Dora and Diego go). So let my planning begin. From now until Spring break, each week I am going to post one possible vacation plan. Then during Spring break we will decide where to go. Since our vacation will be in August it will not be late.

So for the first week.... expect Yellowstone coming up!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best...blogger iphone app?

We'll see. This is my first attempt from my phone.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best...Sad Day

Today was the funeral service for a man who I have only known for 7 or 8 years. I remember meeting him for the first time when Scott and I visited his dad's church while we were dating. Scott, though, had him in his life from before he was born. (As far as he knows).

It is always incredibly difficult when someone we know dies suddenly. It is hard to explain. My friend said it best, "It feels like a punch to the stomach." That is right. You can't explain it. But. There is quite a bit of difference when the person has lead a godly life. A presence is in the church that is comforting. I can only remember one funeral that I have been to that was not filled with spirit. The funeral was cold. There was blame. There was hurt that caused resentment. You can't explain to someone with no faith what you experience.

But today. Today was different, at least to me. The church was filled with a family of believers. Through the sorrow and pain, you could feel the love surrounding people. We know where he is now. There is no doubt.

So my favorite things about our friend who has begun his eternal life...
- he was funny.
- he could take sarcasm and dish it out.
- he was married for 52 years!
- he was a good example that I am glad my husband was able to grow up around.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Best....exact moment of every week?

Give it a guess? Yes, you! A real guess!

Hum... what is the best moment (actual moment) of people's week?

I know what the best moment of my weeks are. Specifics. I love 11:00pm on Friday nights! If you know me then you know why I love this time. If not I will tell you. It is the time I get off work for the weekend.

Yep you read that right. I don't get off work until 11:00pm on Fridays. I work an odd 2nd shift. You know what I like most... It is the beginning of the weekend. I get to spend weekends with my family.

weekend + family = the best time in my life.

I love those little nuts. I love that every Saturday night is movie night. I know that I could go out with my husband for some alone time. Why? When I can spend that time at home with all 3 of my favorite people!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best... Christmas Present...

My little S-bug! Oh what a little girl you have become!

One of bug's new favorite things is to call people on the phone. We call daddy when he is at work, nana, grandmother and grandaddy. Thank goodness for speaker phone.

She had to get in her new chair she got for Christmas from grandmother and grandaddy.

Then she had to get into her conversation.

Look at that TOE!!!

Such as sweet little pixie girl!

Oh how do we survive the teen years if she is already doing this now?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Best... Food Splurge!

I love mac and cheese!

I love the blue box. I don't want to. I have tried all the homemade recipes. I don't know what it is, but all the ingridents look good individually. Just not ever together.

Who cares! I love my box!

Now this mac n' cheese is good. Very good.

It comes in cute little bunny shapes.

It tastes better than the blue box.

And it comes in different shapes and flavors.

One of the non-published great things about this mac.. It re-heats beautifully.

I have never been able to reheat the blue box. I am sure you can, but I can't.

Seriously, try it. It is goood.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best... Last Day of Christmas

"On the first day of Christmas..."

Everyone has heard the song, right? I know I hear it multiple times during the Christmas season. Well, retail outlets have brainwashed the public to believing that the 12 days of Christmas happen before Christmas.


Christmas Eve night is the FIRST day of Christmas.

Night? Why night you say? Well in old'n times the new day begins at sunset, not midnight.

So the last day of Christmas is Epiphany. January 6th. A wonderful day of food and family. The offical (at least in our house) end of the holiday season. This is one of my favorite Armenian holidays. (You know I love Easter!) History lesson, it marks the day the Magi visited the infant Jesus.

So many people forget this day. They don't celebrate it. To many people just do not know about it.

So on the night of January 5th, we eat. No, we feast. We have smoked whitefish, rice, dolma, koo koo, yogurt, fresh cucumber salad, lavash, wine (some people), cracker bread and dessert.

Most recipes you can find online. Easy right, there are tons of people who have these recipes.

EXCEPT Koo Koo! My families Armenian Koo Koo!

What is koo koo you say? It is spinach, cilantro, parsley goodness! Yea, I know what you are thinking, 'How can any of these things be good together, they are all garnishs right'? Nope. So here is a short pictorial recipe.

Cilantro. 2 bunches.

Wash. Chop off Stems. Put in food processor.

Process :) Empty into large mixing bowl.

Parsley. 2 bunches.
Wash. chop off stems. Process. Empty into bowl.

Wash. Chop off tips (white). Process. Empty.

Spinach. 1/2 a bunch!
Wash. Chop. Process. Empty.

Now you should have everything in the mixing bowl.

Add a pinch of salt, ok more than a pinch. I would say a tablespoon.
Tablespoon of pepper.
Teaspoon of flour.
pinch of garlic powder.

12 eggs.
Yes, 12 eggs. A carton.


Heat a deep pan on the stove with 1 cup of olive oil.

Now for this recipe you need two pans because you cook one side and flip it over. I bet you could get away with using just one, but it is easy to use two.

Heat the olive oil first then add mixture.

Cook for about 5 -7 minutes.
Until firm but not burn on the bottom.


Cook until bottom is lightly brown but not burn.
(I know, not an exact science)

But then this is what you get...


Love it!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Best... Plan of Action!

Ok. It is only 4 days into the "Best" challenge and I am already fishing. Not a good way to start of a month o' blogging.

BUT. A big but(t), well literally and figuratively. I have had a few things on my mind lately. I need to get moving. Physically. I need to move my body so much more than I do now.

My job doesn't help. I sit. I sit for EIGHT hours a day. I sit in front of tv. I sit in front of MANY tv's. Just a rough glance there are...23 actively moving tv screens within my small 11 foot long cave. (Yes the urge to snack all day long under a blanket is present every day!)

In college I was active. We ran, played tennis, swam (oh how I loved my swimming class at school) and hiked all the time. Now after being married for 7 years, time and fat has caught on.

As hard as it is to admit. It stinks.

Yes, I had two kids via c-section. Yes, I do have one little medical condition that makes weight loss very hard. But ( <--- you see there it is again) those are just excuses. I am tired of excuses.

I don't excersize enough. I eat well. We are above average on healthy eating. It is movement that I crave. Now it is hard. We are on a budget so a gym membership is out of the question. There are kids. Have you ever tried to work out with a 1 year old hanging to your leg? Or a 5 year old who can do better push ups than you and likes to tell you that?

Not easy my friend. Not easy!

So somehow. someway. I. am. going. to. make. it. this. year.

I AM going to get it off! (or at least set into motion the tools and ability to get it off)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Best... Cleaning Appliance

Oh joy! Yes, you are!

Oh how you clean my floor better than any other mop and elbow grease has EVER!

You are small, easy to use. Though it did cost quite a bit for someone with a brain...
(I got you on sale on black friday or we wouldn't be friends either!)

But look!

LOOK at my beautiful, (yes, plain non-updated, came with the house) tile floor!

It may not be exactly what we want but boy is it CLEAN!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Best... Way of Relaxing

I don't know about anyone else, but I have some crazy work and life hours! The kids are up (well, need to be up) by about 6:30 am for breakfast and to get ready for school. The things is I don't get home from work until 11:30pm. After straightening up the house, making sure things are ready for the next day and sitting down a bit, it is midnight.

Yep, busy little life. Then add in DI, gymnastics, grocery shopping, cleaning yard work, helping out a J's school and church. It feels like we have no time to get it all done.

I know this is a blessing but sometimes it is just tiring!

Until todays BEST... napping!

I have never been the kind of person who can nap for 15 minutes. I need at least an hour for a nap to be affective.

Today... Today was the day.

J was playing upstairs and S was napping for about an hour. So I decide to try for a nap. I didn't sleep well last night. I think our ceiling fan is too loud (well it was last night!). So I turned it off and opened the window. The high today was 50 so not really too cold. I shut the curtains so a nice gentle breeze came through the window.

Boy was that what I needed today! A good nap can really cure a lot of things! Bath's are a close second. Nothing and I mean nothing can beat snuggling up in a cool bed into your warm sheets with no interuptions!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Best...of 2009... in ornaments...

This month's blog theme is 'Best'.

This might get difficult!

Everyday this month I *will* post a blog related to the Best. I will also blog about the other stuff and junk going on around this crazy house and family. Such as my goal to 'try' to eliminate most processed foods out of our diet. (Not all! I am not that hardcore, yet. Maybe, next year.

So today is... The Best of 2009 through Christmas Ornaments.

Yes, I am weird and I know it.

Our visit to Florida was one our my favorite vacations, EVER. It was the furthest Scott and I have been with the children, that didn't include any extended family. It was suppose to but Granddad's job doesn't stop for vacations!
We survived the drive from Dallas to Key West (whew!) with our kiddos. They are great travelers. During our trip to Florida we saw it ALL. Swam with dolphins, drove through the Keys, feed the tarpons, kayaked in the ocean, saw crabs on the beach, almost saw the sea turtles, saw Disney AND went to the Kennedy Space Center!
We almost saw a launch, but it was rescheduled. What can ya' do? I vote for just hanging out in Florida until one is able to launch. Who really needs a job, food, shelter?

December of 2009 brought snow to Dallas. TWICE! We had a white Christmas! I don't know if I have ever had one. The kids loved it! Due to books, movies and pretty much all stories, J thinks that you are suppose to have snow on Christmas. Well, I didn't have to explain the heat and location of Texas in relation to the jet stream this year!

Another of my Best of 2009! My lovely husband! Boy do I love him. He is caring and sweet. Not to mention how he loves to make fun of me, kindheartedly though. He is a firefighter. He is strong. He cooks dinner for my babies every night he is off work and tucks them into bed after reading their stories. He also takes out the trash AND does dishes.
I'm not gonna give this one up!

My baby. My little spunky monkey. There aren't many words to describe S. Goose. Goonie. Sister. Spirited. Loving. Happy. Naked. Strong willed. Stubborn. Kind. Lover of Dogs. ALIVE.
She is a toot. When we asked God for a baby. He gave us one that makes every day a new adventure.

And finally my boy. My J. Brother. Sweet. Sensitive. Loving. Superhero. He is the biggest helper. He is learning to test his boundaries. Learning to read, helps in the kitchen. His imagination is unbelievable. He wants to be an astronaut, super secret spy and an inventor. I am sure he will do it!
Until next time.